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We are an online community of kind-hearted individuals who directly donate gently loved children's clothes to mothers who could use a little kindness. The wonderful donating mothers lovingly box up the clothes that they once loved their own kiddos in and send them for another mother to love on her children via the US Mail - Parcel Post. If you are in need, know someone in need or want to help by donating, please contact us at If you can't do any of these but would like to spread our message - thank you kindly! ~ Elizabeth & Heather

Monday, August 1, 2011

Some Amazing Kindness from An AMAZING Company....Giggle Moon

Please note: If this is your first time visiting our blog, please click here to hear the premise of Pass It On, Baby! and how it all began.... Pass It On, Baby!

Good morning!! Hoping you had a TERRIFIC weekend!! In our last blog I mentioned that I had asked one of my favorite clothing companies to donate an outfit or two to us to give to those in need. Well, I have to tell you, not only did they come through, they SHOCKED us with their generosity. Completely overwhelmed me….I honestly had to sit down and have a good cry. Their name is Giggle Moon (we'll tell you more about them a little later) and their clothes are AMAZING!!! I posted a sneak peek on our Facebook page, but honestly, that was only a teaser. And we can’t wait to get these clothes out to some very special people!

Heather and I thought a lot about how to structure a giveaway so that the clothes go to people in need, but also keep the circle of giving alive. We wanted to make sure that everyone involved in PIOB had a chance to receive one of these gorgeous outfits or blankets. So here is what we've come up with….a three-pronged approach. Here is how you can get one of these outfits. If you are in need, send us your note or post something on our facebook….either way. If you have given recently to Pass It On, Baby! or have volunteered to, send us a note to remind us or a note saying you are willing to give and we will enter you, and finally, if you haven't given because you haven’t been able to for whatever reason, but still want to keep the goodness going - refer three friends to us on Facebook and just send us a note letting us know. If you win and end up not needing the size, just remember that you can turn around and bless someone else with it.
When I asked Giggle Moon to donate, I truly had no idea that they intended to be as generous as they ended up being. It's funny how it all works out, because Heather and I were brainstorming on how to bring back some energy to PIOB and then we received their shipment. It reminded me instantly that it is all a circle, the giving and receiving. Sometimes you are gifter, sometimes you are the giftee…. (and no, I'm not sure if those are actual words… =) The ONLY condition of this is that if you do win an outfit or a blanket, you send us a picture to forward on to Giggle Moon. They deserve to see how much good they are out there doing in the world.

For those that purchase boutique baby clothes, remember the kindness that this company has shown. It's very easy to grumble about business today and the greed involved, but there is the exact opposite going on as well. If we want companies such as this to survive and continue to do good, then when we have the choice, we have to consciously support them as well. (They didn't ask me to blog this, but if I didn't hop right up on my soap box, then really, would that be me?...ahaha! )
Here is what they did send us:

Giggle Moon began as a mother-daughter venture in the 90’s with a simple focus on newborn layettes and irresistibly soft minky blankets with their signature satin trim. Over the past few seasons, Michelle Clark, owner and designer, has re-invented and expanded the design direction toward boutique fashion, while still keeping the sweetness of her original palette.
The Fall 2011 Collections will vary from soft and sweet to vibrant and bold, complimenting the richness of the season.

Giggle Moon is especially excited about the upcoming Spring 2012 Line which will be sure to surprise it’s consumers, with the introduction of several fresh, unexpected pieces. “Our goal is to stay current while remaining true to our niche in the market.”

Giggle Moon knits are made of 100% premium stretch cotton mixed with wovens and lacey tulle overlays with sizing ranging from newborn up to size 6 girls. All products are made the the U.S.A.
Visit Giggle Moon at

I hope you are as excited about this new little contest as we are! We can't wait for people to enjoy these beautiful clothes….and we can’t wait to hear from you!! As a side note, most of the clothes we received are girls. We have a few baby boy outfits and a few super soft blankets in boys colors also. Individually, if you are chosen, we will keep in mind your particular need.
In love and kindness,