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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Power of Please & Thank You!

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My 21 month-old son Cade has been recently talking more and more. Its so much fun to hear the words he's putting together to understand what is going through his little mind. He's saying things like "Chuck E Cheese have fun" and "Shoot hoops with friends at gym" but my most favorite words that Cade has been saying lately is "Peas" and "Tay-tu" (translation - Please and Thank You.")

I have always been a big proponent for saying "Please and Thank You" in my life but didn't really realize how important or how good if feels to hear until I started hearing Cade say it. It surely is a simple concept and simple enough for a 21 month-old to understand but I realize how many people through out the world forget this simple act of kindness and how infectious it can be.

My favorite was recently I was changing Cade's diaper and when we were finished (without any prompting I might add), he says "Tay-tu Mommy". I can't tell you how good that made me feel inside! One, because he understood when to say Thank You and Two, that he was glad that I had changed his diaper. Another favorite is when we get up first thing in the morning he always says, "Milk peas." Just hearing those simple words of "Peas and Tay-tu" make me feel good about doing more for him. It's not always this polite around here but when I do get a Please and Thank You, it sure makes what you do do feel that much better.

To me that simple concept needs to be carried out more through-out our daily lives. Just a simple "please" or "thank you" can be expressed so simply to people we come into contact with every day and promote an infectious positivity throughout our life and the lives of others. This common courtesy promotes the age-old saying "do unto others as you would have done unto you." It is nice to be thanked and its nice to hear please when being asked for something. 

For me, it makes me want to do things for people again if I hear a genuine please or thank you. I am more willing to go the extra mile. I would hope and only guess that the other person will be more likely to pass along those same "pleases and thank you's" to someone else. It sure does help promote a more positive world to live in for us and our kids. 

I love saying please and thank you to a waiter when out to eat. It usually makes them more likely to do more for me, and in turn they get a better tip - everyone wins! I also like waving to a driver when they have let me over as I am hoping to promote less road rage.  One that I still struggle with is saying "Thank You" when someone gives me a compliment. But I assure you, it makes the other person's compliment seem more important when I am able to graciously accept with a "Thank You".

Kids are sponges and a direct reflection of what they see. So if your kids could use a little work on the "Peas and Tay-tu's" - maybe you too could practice applying this powerful yet simple concept into your own day-to-day life. Try it with bank teller, cashier, waiter, or better yet a family member, friend or your own kids. You never know - they might surprise you with a few more of these words too.

Have a great day!

PS. If you are starting to spring clean and get ready for summer clothes, consider "passing" your clothes along to someone in need. We have received several new requests for clothes. With seasons changes, more kids need clothes for the new weather. "Please" and "Thank You" from Pass It On, Baby! :)

In love and kindness,

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