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We are an online community of kind-hearted individuals who directly donate gently loved children's clothes to mothers who could use a little kindness. The wonderful donating mothers lovingly box up the clothes that they once loved their own kiddos in and send them for another mother to love on her children via the US Mail - Parcel Post. If you are in need, know someone in need or want to help by donating, please contact us at If you can't do any of these but would like to spread our message - thank you kindly! ~ Elizabeth & Heather

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2010!!

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Merry Christmas to all our friends, our readers and those of you just peeking in. My house is abuzz with little ones wrapping dollar store presents for each other, reading their letters from Santa, preparing cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer and pretty soon the comfort of cooking holiday food. It's funny, tomorrow there will be presents of varying dollar amounts - but from each year to the next, the kids will forget what those special presents they requested were. They will instead remember heading to the dollar store and scanning the aisles for a present for each of their siblings. They will laugh about trying to avoid each other in a small store and hiding in a corner in their rooms trying to wrap the presents all on their own. It really is the little things. The memories that we collect when we least expect it. The traditions that unfold from one year to the next and carrry through generations....

Today, I am enjoying having my family around me. I am begging myself to remember each little one at this age and all the special little things that they do. We went to visit Santa today and two of mine were terribly afraid, one was sizing him up to see if he was the real deal or an elf and another one was just so happy to get home and get ready for him to make an appearance. I can't wait until tomorrow. Seeing the kids happy in the magic of just being a kid....I know I'll be sad when its all over. But for now, I can only make sure to appreciate it as much as possible.

Merry Christmas to each and every one of you and your wonderful families. Those of you that have come to us needing help. those of you that have provided that help. Those who are stressed and those who are blessed. For one day, take the day to celebrate the time you have with those loved ones around you. Watch the magic of the season unfold in your children's minds. Be a kid again tomorrow with them.....

I seriously CAN'T WAIT!

Heather and I are so thankful for all that you have helped us create. We appreciate it more than these simple words can convey. And we can't wait to get back to it next year. But, for now, we are going to appreciate the smiles of little ones, the hugs from our families, kisses from our husbands and love from those around us.

We sincerely hope you do too.

We will be checking emails on a limited basis only and will likely blog only once more before the new year. But, stayed tuned as we have had AMAZING people up to AMAZING things - and you know us, we have to share it with the world.

But for now, the world is right and we are taking a little break....

In love and kindness,

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

In times of need...

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This time of year we start thinking about those less fortunate than us and how to give back. And so many of you have done just that. I know many are doing more with less and lots of you have already donated so many boxes of clothes to families in need. Some of you have been Pass It On, Baby! recipients as well doing your part to "Pass It On." Some of you amazing individuals have even donated brand-new clothes. We truly thank each and everyone of you from us at PIOB and on behalf of the receiving families for the wonderful hearts that you have. But there are so many more families out there hurting. We continue to receive more and more emails each day, especially due to the season, of people in need and their story. We are hoping that if you haven't donated through us or you've been unsure as to what kinds of families your clothes might be helping - that we should share just a few of the heart-wrenching stories we have received.  We haven't included any names in order to keep their privacy but we hope that maybe there is someone that these stories will touch and be compelled to share their threads of love through our wonderful organization of providing a "hand up" in times of need.

I was told about this website from a very kind lady that was trying to help donate clothes but she didn't have my son's size. So I said to myself that I will give this a try and hopefully I can get some help. I have never had to seek help since I have always been employed, but I have been looking for a job for the past 14 months and still nothing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

My mother works with a woman whose daughter and son's girlfriend both just had babies and live with her. They are all on public aid and the grandmother is the only one working right now. They are in desperate need of newborn clothing for a boy and girl. My mother told them about Pass It On, Baby! and they asked if you could put them on immediately. They need everything (ie: tops, bottoms, socks, sleepers, onesies, coats, ...) Hopefully you can find something soon! Thanks so much! I really appreciate it!

My sister told me about this website in hopes that it could help my family. My husband and I both were laid off this year and have found it hard to find work. My husband had decided to go back to school to get his teaching degree so we moved in with my in-laws. We have two children a little girl who is 3 and a boy who is 2. Both grow out of their clothes so fast it is hard for us to keep up. I would really appreciate any help we can get. My daughter is a 3 but wears a size girls small or 6 and my son is 2 and is in a 3T winter clothes would be great and I'm hoping that I can help donate to those in need when my kids grow out of what they are wearing. Please let me know if there is anything I can do. I can't tell how nice it is to know that there are people who are so willing to help.

We're going through hard times just like everyone else....I desperately need winter/fall type clothes for my 3 kids. We are starting over after having our slate cleaned for us :( My 4 year old sun just busted out the knees in his last pair of pants today at pre-k. The two boys' hoodies have been worn so much since last year that the zippers are broken and they don't have winter coats. My 2 year old is wearing size 2 clothes when she needs a 3 or 4T simply because I can't afford to buy any right now.... None of them have 1 decent pair of shoes, and I mean decent as in the sides and soles not busting out....forget dirty lol...I've exhausted efforts on craigslist and freecycle...nobody has anything for free anymore, I guess because everyone is hurting. If you can 6 year old needs size 7/8 clothes and size 13 4 year old needs 4/5 T clothes and size 10 1/2 shoes....and my 2 year old girl wears 3 and 4T clothes, and needs size 8 shoes....all of them need jackets. Thank you for starting this site!

Thank you again to each of you! We hope that these stories have inspired you to continue sharing our message with anyone you can think of as a donator or recipient. (We especially need donors right now!) And if you had been hesitating to donate through us - maybe one of these stories touched you and inspired you to donate clothes.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

In love and kindness,

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Meet Carrie....

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Heather and I have introduced you to some pretty awesome people out there making a difference. Recently we met our new friend Carrie whose enthusiasm for helping other is just downright contagious – such an upbeat, fun and caring person! We just LOVE hearing from her – she has been amazing in passing along our message, in getting other mommas to join in the fun of helping another momma out and in helping two families out herself. Thank you SO very much!!

Carrie hails from North Carolina. She is a wife to Devin – 2.5 years and counting and a momma to Chatham for 8.5 months! And look how stinkin’ cute this one is….SERIOUSLY!!!

Carrie says:
I heard about PIOB from Mitzi @ The Goodson Family Blog. I love reading about moms helping moms.

Here’s my Story:

I spend six LONG days in the NICU with my son, Chatham, when he was born. He had respiratory failure at birth and then suffered from TTN (wet lungs) due to the emergency c-section. While Chatham was only a week early, he was a tiny 6 lbs. at birth and I was not prepared for that – I didn’t have clothes that would fit him, or bottles to feed him with; since he had reflux and wouldn’t take the bottles from the NICU. On night #2 in the hospital I was visited by a mom two rooms down from me , she had a bag of Dr. Brown bottles, preemie size clothes, and a few odds and ends for me to ease my mind. I immediately called my mom and had her bring dinner to the family on night #4 as I didn’t know how else to thank them for their kindness. They left the hospital a day before I did and we celebrated with them just outside the NICU doors.

As I read about PIOB, my mind wondered back to the wonderful friend I made at the hospital and the calmness that came with the bag I was received. I want to pass on that calm, easy feeling to other moms and let them know that people care. And being a new parent is hard enough without having to stress about food, clothes, and bottles.

She is just amazing and right now with so many people stressed at this time of year – its downright calming and grounding to remember that there are people like Carrie walking beside you in this life. Soo - thank you Carrie on behalf of our organization and the mommas you helped along their journey. It is SO appreciated!

In love and kindness,

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Helping someone else achieve a personal goal

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Just to take us off focus of the holiday season for a moment. I thought I would share with you a little about what I've been doing personally for the last few months. 

I have been training for nearly 5 months for a 1/2 marathon. Let me first clarify by stating that I am not a runner, never been a runner and not sure I will ever really enjoy running. I did track and stuff but it was mainly for social reasons and I always ran short distances - like less than a mile. So when my gym friend asked me to join her in training and participating in a 1/2 marathon, I really thought she was crazy especially for asking me! :) (I hadn't ever ran more than 3 miles EVER!)

Training for this hasn't always been easy. There have been time commitments (sometimes running upwards of 2 hours), falls, physical ailments, and weather conditions to fight. But all in all - I am very excited that I am less than 5 days away from achieving this personal goal.

Quite frankly, this wasn't my goal though. It was my friend's goal. I really started this whole thing off wanting to help her achieve her personal goal of running in a 1/2 marathon. I think at the time, I thought I would probably end up backing out but somehow knowing each week she was waiting to meet me gave me gratification. 

My friend has never been a runner either. And she always likes to remind me that she's 52 so she thinks that age is against her. She has never done anything athletic in her whole life and just recently took up running a little over a year ago. This accomplishment for running in the 1/2 marathon is HUGE for her. I guess I never really knew how huge until we ran our last long run this past Sunday. She came up to me with huge tears in her eyes as we were stretching and preparing to leave. She started off by saying that she would be pretty emotional this week because she can't believe she has finally made it to the last week prior to the race. She continued with tears and choking on her words to explain how she would have never been able to train for this week-in and week-out if it hadn't been for me running with her. Especially on the longer runs when we have hit 10 - 11 miles. She said she doesn't know if she would've had the drive or motivation to continue moving forward and persevere especially during a couple runs when she felt like quitting. I kept telling her she could do it. All along I believed in her and knew she could accomplish something she didn't even know she could. She also mentioned how her family doesn't really realize how important this has been to her. Not really understanding why she has been making such a big deal about having friends or families see her to the finish line. But I have always understood as I have participated with her. Her speech touched me in such a special way. I had been unconsciously aware how important this goal had been to her and how important my participation and partnership with her through this had been. Now I know. 

I'm not saying we all should go start training for 1/2 marathons but this feeling of gratitude has definitely inspired me more. It's provided me a light of fulfillment knowing I helped someone else to achieve a personal goal. What could you do to help someone else or even yourself to achieve  a personal goal? It could be as simple as putting them in touch with the right person, giving them a referral, being there for them the first step they take, helping them to set smaller goals to achieve the larger ones, or being side by side each step of the way encouraging them to continue and believing in them even when they may not believe in themself. All this may sound tough to do especially if you are finding tough times for you and your family. I'm right there with you - experiencing those tough times. But it sure does help take the focus off of what I don't have when I'm able to give something to someone else. Especially in helping them achieve a huge personal goal. 

(here is us earlier this year at our first 5k)

Say a prayer for me that I finish on Sunday without stopping, cramping, or collapsing. :) Stay warm.

In love & kindness,

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thoughts of Others....

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The holidays should be a magical time – full of wonder and excitement, planning , sharing and celebrating. For many of us, the holidays are exactly that – but this year, there are many, many people hurting and desperate right now. There are pressures on all of us this time of year, but the pressure of trying to figure out ways to provide an adequate holiday for children you love so very much can be, simply put – overwhelming.

So as you might expect, we have had SO many people who are in need reach out for help. We’ve heard heart-breaking stories full of so much pain. Children in need of coats, underwear, socks, parents fighting to get the heat turned back on, people in need of food – its heart-wrenching. It might be just too much if that’s all we heard – but it isn’t. The flip side of this are all the people who write in and ask what they can do to help. So many that send their own children’s clothes along the way, expecting nothing in return. Putting good out there for the simple reason that its what we all should be doing. Treating others as we want to be treated….

Recently we heard from a woman who had a wonderful idea. She asked if we could give her a family to adopt. She knew that there are so many that need some help right now and she wanted to do something. She thought for sure that we had thought of this idea before, but see? That’s why we need you – we hadn’t. Now obviously, not everyone is in a position to do that – but it was possible for her and we are so thankful for her (and all of you, too!!) You know, the sad truth is, this year at my church there were more children on the giving tree than ever before. The same is true for us….we have heard from more people recently than in any of the other months. On a positive note, however, many of those requests did not come from the people in need, themselves. They came from their confidants, their friends…people who are hearing their struggles and really trying to make the path easier for them.

And that’s not the only one, there have been other great ideas, too. We’ve had kind-hearted souls that have thrown moms nights out and spread the word and acting as a group sent out clothes. Momma time AND helping others? Does it get better? =) I don’t want to give too much about this away, because I’m hoping this dear lady will speak for herself on an upcoming blog.

In the end, each of us is on our own path. Each of us knows what we can truly give or do to help others and give back. Even if you don’t think its much – do something. Little actions build up together to change the world.

Peaceful wishes for you all. If you’re stressed, may your burden get easier. If you are blessed, may you feel the need to share those blessings.

In love and kindness,

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hope for the holidays...

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Happy Belated Thanksgiving to all of you! We hope that you and yours enjoyed the holiday and remembered each and every blessing you had to be thankful for. We are thankful for each of you and the PIOB journey you allow us to share with you.

This is such an exciting time of year but also one that reminds me of how difficult it is for many families. Despite just the basic family anxiety some of us may endure during the holiday season, many of us share deeper worries and heartaches. I know speaking for myself, I tend to start thinking about loved ones who aren't here to celebrate the holiday season and family togetherness. Especailly, I think about my sister who has been gone over 10 years. I feel that each time my family is together there is a big empty space where her energy, smile and presence are very much missed. The dynamics just aren't the same. I am also struggling to figure out ways to create a Christmas I can be proud of but doing it on half the budget I have in Christmas' past. I know that it is what I make of it but sometimes I don't know how to create the same feeling with less things for me to give. Giving gifts has always been what I do best. And Christmas was the time I relished in giving to my family and friends. I am working on more creative gifts such as baked treats and more thoughtful gifts from the heart. In our consumeristic society - sometimes it's hard to believe that even with only that - a holiday can be enjoyed.

That leads me into sharing a story of a mother who is finding ways to do that with her own family. Sharlene contacted us back several months ago and has become such a joy to us in sharing her cooking ideas, sharing her stories on our blog and always being willing to donate when she can despite her own tough economic situation. Her husband has been out of work for quite some time but that doesn't stop this mother of 5 who works full-time and goes to school from creating the best holiday she can for her and her family.

I am, for the time being, working full time. I work part time as a teacher aide at a head start center and have managed to pick up some extra hours at another center working as a teacher aide and transportation aide. I never thought I'd be riding a school bus again, but it is fun! I have also been going to school full time. At first it was quite a challenge, mostly getting all the kids used to the fact that I am not quite as available as I have always been. I fell behind on my homework for a while, and started to get down about being able to do it all. I was also having a difficult time with my little three year old adjusting to everything. She is doing better now, and I am caught up on my homework. I work really hard trying to stay on top of things, sometimes spending as much as five hours on the computer on the weekends to do homework and do work for my internet class. It has definitely been a challenge not being able to spend as much time with my kids, but I know in the long run it is for the best. Financially, it is difficult right now. If not for the financial aide, I don't what I would do. Our public assistance benefits have been cut in half. I make less than $1,000 working full time. I just have to be very diligent about how I spend our money. My husband has been unemployed for a while, and currently brings in no income since his unemployment ran out. Trying to pay the bills and rent and provide for five kids is very difficult on $1,400 a month. Fortunately, I browse craigslist often and have been able to find some things on there for Christmas presents for far less than the price of new items. Right now, I am pretty far ahead on Christmas presents, but still have a ways to go.

Pass It On Baby! helped me tremendously when I needed it. My kids had to start school with pretty much nothing but some thrift store and yard sale finds and their clothes from last year that still fit. I couldn't even afford to go yard saling last year, so even the yard sale finds were not much. I received two boxes of clothes for my seven year old daughter, Macy, just in time for school. There were only a couple pairs of pants that were too big for her, but otherwise eveything fit and she was so happy when she opened the box! My little one, Alayna, also received two boxes from the same person. She wanted to wear everything "tomorrow". Everytime I showed her a new item she would say "That's so cute! I wanna wear that tomorrow!" She would have been wearing about ten outfits in one day! I think the most grateful was my daughter, Karissa, 14. She was in desperate need of bras and I did not realize how expensive young girls bras are at the store. She only had two bras, one which barely fit and the other was being held together by safety pins. She received a box full of about ten bras. I was extremely grateful for that one as well. I really want to thank everyone who donated to my family and Pass It On Baby! for making it possible.! Thank you!

Thank you to Sharlene for being willing to share her story with us and all of you. Many other people, including me and my own family, are going through difficulties this holiday season. Anything you can do to help lighten the load of someone through Pass It On, Baby! or any other person or organization that is put in your path - please take the time. It can be as little as the extra change in the donations for the Salvation Army in front of the stores, a wrapped new toy for Toys For Tots, Adopting a Family - or if you feel so inclined - providing one or a few outfits to a family who is struggling to provide during the holidays. We look to you to help us help more people and spread the message of philanthropy through your family, your work, wherever you are. It's time we start taking care of the people in our communities. Let's provide them a sense of hope for the holidays.

Please take a look at our immediate needs list and see if you or anyone you know have anything you can provide for the child who needs that size. It doesn't need to be a multitude of items - 1 or 2 outfits would suffice. Let's box up as much hope as we can ship it out this holiday season.

In love & kindness,

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Choice to Enjoy or Stress....

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The holidays are officially upon us and with that means the hustle and bustle of cooking, parties, making lists, buying presents, sending cards - goodness, are you tired of just thinking of all of that?! =) So was I....until I read a very important thought for my own life and something I've made a mental note to reflect on each and every day. I've heard it said countless times by countless individuals, but the basic gist is that it is not any particular happening that causes unhappiness, stress or sorrow - it is our resistance to or unacceptance of that happening. I LOVE this thought because it gives me the choice as to how I am going to react that what is happening around me.

For instance, there are LOTS of things that are happening around this time of year that can be seen as stressful. Lots of us have traveling and packing and family, etc coming up. If you start right out of the gate stressing about all there is to do - your frame of mind is already set. If on the other hand, you challenge yourself to view it another way....a positive, an opportunity to grow, an acceptance that you are exactly where you need to be - somehow, the obstacle isn't as insurmountable. Personal example - every year around the holidays we take family photos. I am kind of "nerdy" in the sense that I match everyone up (that's seven people!!), painstakingly plan and shop for the outfits, schedule the haircuts to happen just before the shoot, carefully plan the naptimes - you get it. It's a BIG deal to me -because its often the only time we get the family for a group shot. So most years, photo shoot = stress. But, this year, I wasn't about to let stress steal what should be a joyous and happy moment from me. With the kids growing up so fast, I didn't want this to be another year where I worried and fretted and then "got through" or "survived" the family pics. I wanted to truly enjoy them. So, we met our photographer at a park and just played with the kids while she took pics. They climbed hills, fought with sticks (ok - I said I wanted to enjoy it, but not that they were necessarily angels!! =), ran around and just were kids. My husband and I truly enjoyed just playing with them and watching them explore and enjoy themselves. Like any experience with five kiddos, the day did have some challenges....My children were skipping stones at a man-made pond. I wasn't thrilled about them digging in the dirt for stones, but I went with it and tried to offer sticks as digging (and more importantly, keeping clean) tools. And then it happened. The moment that threatened to throw off my sanity... My second son was balancing on a stone pond wall and reaching out over the pond to get a branch that had berries on it - in hopes of skipping those instead. Of course, in my family - monkey see, monkey do... My third son tried to imitate his older brother and reach for those same berries (wait for it....I know you know what's coming)..and.....accidentally lost his balance and fell COMPLETELY in the pond!! Although I was there instanteously and pulled him out, he was covered in mud, crying, soaking and cold -- and we probably looked like the most crazy family out in the park that day.....BUT, I was able to laugh about it right wawy and make him feel a little better about it too. So we didn't get as many shots as we might have....but we enjoyed our time together and I think that that is what is important. I couldn't change that moment, I could only change my reaction to it. Because of my more relaxed frame of mind heading in to the shoot, I was able to deal with the moment...frankly, one that would have challenged my being able to hold it together. Getting upset, disappointed or annoyed would only have made me miserable and my son even more upset. On the other hand, looking at the humor in the situation of a completely soaked and muddy six year-old who fell in to the pond during family photos, changed my perspective. Someday, it will make a GREAT story! *wink*

I truly believe that each and every moment you are right where you are supposed to be. There is something to be learned from the stressful moments, the sad moments, the challengin ones and all the rest. If you can't change the moment - change your perspective. Enjoy the moments this holiday season - and those responsibilities that you see as a chore - challenge yourself to see things in a different manner or just cut them altogether if you can't.

From our families to yours - Happy Thanksgiving. We are thankful for so very much this year. For your support and encouragement, your kindness and your generosity. ((Hugs)) to each and every one of you!

In love and kindness,

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Something More...

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I know at times both Elizabeth and I feel like we continue to sit on our own soap box and not "preach" but "share" *wink* our thoughts and views about the world and more importantly about the importance of giving. But I am sure that you welcome a break from our own rants and raves as well as we do - so we've brought back our special guest blogger - Louiseza. She has such great things to share and lucky this is a forum where she can do that and allow us the opportunity to step back and see things from her point of view. Please enjoy her wonderful post! Thanks Louiseza!

Today I looked at the calendar and couldn’t believe that the month of November is in full swing. For many November sparks the beginning of the holiday season. The stores are decorated festively and are beginning to fill with shoppers (even in this economy) searching for the items on their gift giving lists. Unfortunately, for many the holidays can be a grim reminder of what we don’t have—cup half empty, if you will. Admittedly, the downfall of our nation’s economic health over the past two years has placed a heavy financial burden on many. We have all been affected by the recession in one way or another. Some have been laid off or know someone who has. Maybe you are an entrepreneur trying to keep your business afloat in these trying times. No matter what your own circumstance we have all had to adjust in some way to survive current times.

As I listen to people (self included) talk about “sacrifices” or “losses” sustained during these tough economic times, I must remind myself of those less fortunate than I. I can’t help but wonder if I am feeling the pinch, then how are they surviving? Although these thoughts are sobering ones, I am actually thankful for them. I am reminded of the many blessings that I have received and continue to benefit from, even during present times. As well, I am not only reminded of those who are in need, but I am inspired to find ways to help.

For me the recession has meant the loss of a job and clients. However, this has been a great opportunity for me to redirect my time and energy towards helping others. I am the Volunteer Coordinator for one of the organizations that I volunteer with, which gives me a chance to meet many people who are looking for ways to give back. What intrigues me the most, are their reasons for volunteering. Many are unemployed and looking for ways to productively spend their days, while others are looking for community service opportunities to fulfill school or other requirements. One reason that resonates with me so deeply is the search for something “more”. Many of the volunteers that I have spoken with are looking for an opportunity to positively impact our world. The need to feel as though one has done something of meaning is a dominant factor for many of the volunteers. Whatever their reason, most will tell you that giving of one’s time not only impacts the organization and those that it serves, but the volunteer as well. When your efforts and thoughts are concentrated on helping others, it is hard to worry about yourself. Giving of self has way of bringing perspective to one’s life and place in the world. The conversion from name brand to generic is no longer important—and really was it ever? Instead thoughts of loss are replaced with those of thankfulness and inspiration—thankfulness for what one has and the inspiration to help others achieve their own goals and dreams.

While these past two years have meant changes for everyone, I am thankful for at least one aspect of these changes. I think that we have been forced to reassess our own values; what is truly most important and do we really need so much “stuff”? I would be lying if I said that I don’t want to have nice “things” or to be free of financial worries. None –the- less, I have been reminded that what is most important is, not what I don’t have, but what I do with what I have been given.

I can't tell you all enough how much this message resonates with me this time of year. With my business being hit, my husband getting his business going, us living with our in-laws and more - we feel the pinch too but know we have so much to share! It's hard to look around and still see so much consumerism. It's difficult not to have the "want" take over but I have to remember that for myself and my family - what is important about this season is love. Love of ourself, each other, our community, and so on. It's that love that is the gift that never stops giving.

Thanks again Louiseza for that inspiration!

In love & kindness,

Thursday, November 12, 2009

In Thanksgiving for One of Our Faves...

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As Thanksgiving approaches, we all have much to be thankful for. Even if you find yourself struggling, you have your health or your children or your family – each of us has much to be thankful for. So – in keeping with the spirit of the season, Heather and I want to make sure that you know how much we appreciate you, our readers, our donors and our recipients. From time to time we shine the spotlight on various individuals who have been a part of this little community and today, I’d like to introduce – Mitzi.

I gotta tell you – I LOVE hearing from her! Every once in awhile you “meet” someone whose personality shines through even an email – she is one of those people. Mitzi just makes us feel thankful each time we hear from her, because her positivity is inspiring and catchy! =) We first heard from her within a month of beginning PIOB. Back then, she was pregnant with her first child and so she didn’t have clothes that were gently used to pass along. So – what’s an inspiration to do? How about shopping particularly for that child and sending the new clothing…and that wouldn’t be the last time she would do exactly that. After her son was born, on went the maternity clothes as well as the baby clothes. So I had to ask her….why do you donate to Pass It On, Baby?

And here is what she says…you read enough of my posts and you’ll figure out that my life is lead my emotion – so I won’t lie and say that there weren’t any sniffles while reading her sweets words… =)

I am a woman that wanted kids from the time I could say baby BUT it just seemed that the right guy never came along so I just prayed & waited…I knew God would get to my prayers when he had a free minute J Then one day there was my husband; he was sitting there in his suit & I just knew the first time I saw him we were going to be together forever & he was the man God sent my way. We got married & were again blessed when we found out that we were expecting Brayden; this is when I started blogging & when I found PIOB & felt truly inspired & in awe of both you & heather & what you were doing to help. I actually teared up when I saw what you guys were doing & just knew that I HAD to help (I was meant to help) when & however I could. I knew that it wasn’t that I just “stumbled” onto your blog I knew it was God leading me to it. I am beyond thankful for Lance & Brayden & that my prayers were answered & now I just want to give back every chance I have the opportunity too. I just hope that I have helped lighten the burden/load off of a family that needs it.

She doesn’t need to “hope” that she has helped with many burdens – she undoubtedly has. Thank you, Mitzi, for lending a much-needed hand to families out there. She embodies what I love most – someone fulfilling their dreams turning back to help the next person up.

In love and kindness,

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Adoption Awareness Month

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With the holidays just around the corner - many people start thinking about charity or how to give back. Recently we were lucky enough to come across a wonderful mom, blogger and children's boutique owner - Robin. Here is her blog post that we have reposted for you about how she came across Pass It On, Baby! and a wonderful idea that she has that touched us.

November is Adoption Awareness Month.

Did you know that purple is the color that represents adoption?

Did you know there are over 100 million orphans in the world?


Anyone that has adopted or has been touched by someone that has adopted, understands the amazing blessing brought to them by the sacrifice of another.


Adoption = to take as one's own

Today I wanted to post about different way in which we can "adopt". Have you ever adopted the burden of another? .... taken on someones struggle and adopted the solution as your own? Sometimes there are those that have such a need for help. They are completely dependent on anyone willing to reach out to them. People who's stable situation changed in the blink of an eye by an unexpected event. Sometimes it doesn't take much to lose what took years to accomplish. Right now there are so many that have lost their jobs and are losing everything they spent years to build. Let's reach out and "adopt" someone today!


If you are like me you have an over abundance of clothes and/or shoes that your children can no longer wear. They are packed away in boxes that are taking up way too much space in your closet, basement, or garage. One of the waiting moms had ordered 3 Red Thread Stitches creations from me back when I was fundraising for Mia Hope. There was a change in plans on their adoption journey and she asked me to donate them to "Pass It On, Baby!" I asked her if it would be okay to take the money she had given me and purchase outfits. Instead of sending 3 outfits, I was able to purchase 12 outfits! When I contacted the wonderful ladies that run this charity, I was touched by the need for basic things such as underwear and shoes. These families are desperate for ANYTHING to clothe their children in because they have nothing due to job loss.

November is also a month of "thanksgiving". Even after 6 months of unemployment in our home this past year, we have so much to be thankful for! If you find it in your heart to "adopt" a child that needs or used.... please click on the link below and see what you can do to help. There is an "immediate" needs section on the sidebar. These families are in urgent need of clothing. Thank you for allowing "adoption" to become a part of your world. I believe there are blessings waiting for those who share their abundance.

We want to thank Robin for this wonderful blog post and to Michelle for supporting us through sharing Pass It On, Baby!'s message. So we extend this idea of "adoption" to our Pass It On, Baby! community. What a wonderful way to show how thankful we are to our blessings by helping out a family and adopting their burden with your solution - kids clothes. So simple - so impactful. Even if you don't have clothes to donate and you have a few extra dollars for charity this holiday - I invite you to consider purchasing clothes for a family who desperately needs it.

I want to end with a quote that Robin posted on her blog under PIOB's blog button. It truly represents why we feel so strongly about Pass It On, Baby!

"Sometimes I would like to ask God, why He allows poverty, famine and injustice in the world when He could do something about it...but I'm afraid He might ask me the same question." ~Anonymous

In love & kindness,

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

And It All Goes Around....

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Each time you help someone in need, it is bittersweet. You feel wonderful for actually helping another person on the way, but at the same time, you know that the person or people that you are helping are struggling. They are dealing with the struggle, itself – not to mention all the emotions that go along with it. I don’t know how aware I was of this, until recently, when I found myself in a conversation with a friend. She has been having a rough go of it. They had some problems with a business they owned that fell on hard times and they were just at the point of beginning to dig themselves out of a bad financial time. She was telling me how she was recently hit with two fieldtrips in two weeks for each of her two children and that the cost would be a total of $120. Now that’s expensive for anyone, but when you are handling current expenses on top of past expenses, that becomes impossible. So, as hard as it was, she pushed down her pride and called the school and explained her situation. The school was great about it and even contacted another agency on her behalf to offer help with Christmas for her children. She was SO thankful for the help and offer, but like any of us, was struggling with her pride. Every Christmas, she had been the one that picked the angels off the trees at Target and other stores and donated toys to children in need. How could she reconcile that she was now the one in need?

Let’s be honest – it’s HARD to ask for help. It’s hard to be honest when you are struggling. For whatever reason, we’ve somehow tricked ourselves in to thinking that our financial success or hardships are the same as our worth. Soooo not true, but that doesn’t change the fact that for many of us, taking a hit to your paycheck or family income is the same as tarnishing your self-esteem and how you feel about your world. And so it was for my friend. Not only was it hard asking for help in the first place, but when additional resources were offered, it was equally hard to accept.

You know in life, as the old saying goes – “Sometimes you’re the bat and sometimes you’re the ball…” and I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing. When you’ve been the one on the receiving end of charity, it means a lot more to you when you do have the opportunity to give back. You know, firsthand, what those families may be dealing with. It becomes less about yourself and how proud you are of yourself for giving, and becomes truly about helping the other person on the other end. Why? Because you’ve been there. I thought it was a great thing that she was accepting the help…she needed it and she would be someone to put that kindness right back in to the world – the way we believe it should be.

Times are less than ideal right now for so many people – so if you are fortunate enough to be able to help out – the timing has never been better. Whether its Pass It On, Baby! or another of the many, many worthwhile charities, make a difference. If money is tight for you, drop off some Halloween candy at a local food pantry or gather some neighbors together to send some Halloween candy overseas to our soldiers. Volunteer to serve Thanksgiving dinner at a Shelter. Visit the dollar store and pick up some coloring books to drop at a local shelter or church – rest assured, you are making a difference. And if you happen to have children, make sure to do it while they are watching. These little moments build together to form their character. And these little characters we build in turn, become our future society. Its your daily chance to change the world….. =)

In love and kindness,

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Friday, October 30, 2009

A Featured PIOB Family

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Over the past year Pass It On, Baby! has helped so many wonderful families and children receive a box from our online community that has helped ease their burden in some way. We would like to share the story of one beautiful family in South Carolina.

Jen is a 23 year-old stay-at-home mom to her daughter Leah, 9 months. She and her husband Cavan have been married for a little over 2 years. Her husband has been interning as a stock market analyst (the family business) for the last 2 years and has yet to make any income. They have all the faith in the world that this business will work itself out but its been tough at times. Jen is away from her family and obviously financially they've struggled as well.

What makes us happy? We love to spend time together. Really anything free (haha) and fun, we're there! We love the outdoors and spending time with our 2 Australian Shepherds. Leah is now 9 months old and as crazy as ever. She gets into everything! She's such a joy to have and be around.

I have a blog that I enjoy updating friends and family a little about our lives. It's a way for me to relax and spend time with just myself. I have been asked to do some product reviews, and have been having a lot of fun doing that. We eat as organic as we can, and I love cloth diapering my baby. I enjoy anything that will make us happier and healthier.

We are a family so in love with God and each other. We know everything will work out for His plan.

Pass It On Baby has really lessened the burden by helping us out with clothing for Leah. We got some adorable clothes for her over the summer and I was even able to give them away after she grew out of them. I am so thankful for the families that help. It is such a blessing.

Thanks to Jen for sharing her story. We believe in her and her husband that they will continue to persevere and financial abundance will be rewarded to them.

There are so many people just like this family - working to make ends meet, finding balance and enjoyment in life and being able to provide they way they want to for their family. Something as simple as clothes can help to ease that burden.

Thanks for being apart of our community and doing what you can to help a family through a tough time, a slow year, a tragic event, anything at all.

In love & kindness,

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Importance of a Community....

Please note: If this is your first time visiting our blog, please click here to hear the premise of Pass It On, Baby! and how it all began.... Pass It On, Baby!

From the beginning of this blog and this organization, Heather and I have talked about creating a community…a community of kindness. We mentioned that we feel that we learn from others as the issues are brought up and talked about how much we learn from others’ points of views and ways of living life. But, you might sit back and ask yourself – why care about a community? If you are doing good and heading in the right direction yourself – why worry about what other people are doing?

That is a GREAT question – and I’m very glad you asked…LOL! =) Now, I’m pretty sure there is no definitive answer – but I’m going to give my best go at it. Its part of human nature to stumble along whatever path you might find yourself on. If you are on a religious path and trying to lead the best life you can, you will sin. If you are on a diet, you will have moments of weakness. If you embark on a life trying to help or serve others, you will have moments of selfishness. You get the idea…. Yes – “to err is human”… however, your “community” may be the difference between making a single mistake and getting yourself right back on track and actually leaving the path altogether.

The idea of community is nothing new. From the time the US was settled, we set up communities of similar beliefs…the Quakers stayed with the Quakers, the Reformists with Reformists, etc. A lot of it had to do with just simple commonalities between the people, but in my opinion, much of it goes deeper than that. To put it simply – those on a similar path as you, many times just get it. And so when you stumble and fall in front of them, they know how to help you back up – they are all working toward a similar goal. Its sort of like the alcoholic that has a sponsor. Almost always, the sponsor is a recovering addict themselves. Why is this? Because they get it. They know what to say, how you might feel, what you are struggling with, etc. So for me, when we embarked on this little journey, I wanted it to be a community of sorts. Yes, to learn, to share, to challenge, etc – but also to help. I’m just a mom trying to do a little good out there, who sometimes falls far from the path and has to dust herself off and realign her priorities again and again. Who battles with materialism, who gets distracted, who works at being positive and good, who deals with lots of frustrations…and sometimes I need a helping hand. And many times they come from people who we hear from…

You’ve read our stories of people out there making a difference, like Tammy. You’ve heard our stories of people building others up, like Louiseza. You’ve heard stories of heartbreak and loss, hope and rebuilding, second chances – choices to love your fellow neighbor. And so have I. We’ve cried the same tears as you did with these thankful mothers dealing with so much and we’ve rooted along the way with so many also. And selfishly – I need it. It helps me….but I’m betting you do too. Its good and its pure and it makes a difference, one child at a time. It refocuses me. It gets me out of my own little world of wants and plans and puts me back in the here and now. It opens a world up to me that I might never see.

Remember when I was really upset about passing by homeless family in the suburbs simply because I was distracted and then just didn’t get to go back and help? The suggestions we got back then helped me. I took them along the journey. I’m a Midwestern girl, born and raised –and recently traveled to the West Coast. Call me na├»ve, but the amount of homeless on the streets was like nothing I had seen before. I was sad, I was shocked, I was a little overwhelmed at how this could be happening….and like has been said before, you truly can’t help everyone. So my husband and I did what we could. We helped those we could with donations and for those we couldn’t help in that manner, we tried simple kindness like talking directly to them as people, instead as if they weren’t there or didn’t exist. It seems silly, because I was nervous and intimidated when I was alone without my husband…but I looked each person in the eyes and greeted them and smiled. I felt a little stronger because some of our readers had shared their ideas beforehand with us on this very topic.

I was working out the other day and a news story was on the TV screen above me. The coverage was on communities “taking back” their communities. The particular story was from Chicago where several students have been killed in a wake of violence in the streets. The commentary flashed to a video taping of the beating prior to the deaths of two of these students…it was horrifying. I literally stopped working out, covered my face and just sat there shaking my head as the tears streamed down my face. From that taping, they flashed to protests going on where people from various communities, with various agendas had come together with a common cause of taking back their streets. It was amazing to see this…they were actually getting so much attention and help – there was so much energy in the air, just by coming together for a common cause of goodness. Because my dear friends, there is power in numbers – there is strength in a community. Several kind actions rippled out – do change the world. And maybe Margaret Mead said it best, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

And so – for these simple and not-so-simple reasons, I ask of us to build this community. I hope to share and gain strength from you all. I hope to learn and impart wisdom. I hope to stop my judgments and look on all people with love. I hope to help children and parents who think that the world has forgotten them – it hasn’t. This world isn’t a dark, cold place. Its full of love and kind people. People who send boxes of their own children’s clothing to mothers they will never know. Why? More like – why not? Because it means so much to us all. When I was in California I stumbled across this saying along the beachfront. While some may interpret it as talking about the earth itself, I choose to take it as the people who inhabit this great planet.

In love and kindness,

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

PR Ambassadors for PIOB...

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As both Elizabeth and I work diligently in sharing the message of Pass It On, Baby! we have started to work on reaching out our message to a broader spectrum. We have been talking with a PR company that I have some contacts at about how to share our message to more people so we can help clothe more children and connect with more wonderful moms like you! We have submitted our story to a couple of different places - Dallas Child, First for Women, KLOVE and also to our children's schools, our gyms, etc.

Here is where we could use you if you're interested. We are looking for "PR Ambassadors" for Pass It On, Baby! Those of you loyal PIOB moms that truly believe in our message and would like to share it with those in your community. Many have been sharing already to friends and family also your blogs and we truly appreciate it. However, we are certain that there are many untapped people and places that would love to know more about our loving online community. There are several different ways you can spread the message as a PR Ambassador. For instance - we have flyers that we can send you to take to your children's school and ask it be included in the newsletter or backpacks. You could submit our information and/or your story with Pass It On, Baby! to your local newspaper, radio station, magazines, etc. You can invite friends on Facebook or Twitter to join our group. You can let other mom blogs know about Pass It On, Baby! by sharing your story or our story. You can tell people at your mommy and me classes like at The Little Gym or Gymboree. You can share our message with your church or local MOPS group. And I'm sure many other places we haven't ever thought of. We have had several of you over the past few months ask how you can get involved with us and this would truly be the best way to help - as a PR Ambassador for PIOB.

As Elizabeth stated in our last blog - we truly appreciate and Thank You for being apart of our community and assisting us in changing so many lives of so many families. We look to you to help us continue sharing that message. There are so many places and people that all of you can reach that we are just physically unable to.

It's been a wonderful 5 months and we are just looking to expand our horizons and help more families be a little less stressed. As we approach the holidays and people begin thinking a little more about charity as well as cleaning out the old to make room for the new - we want PIOB to be there to help those in need and give the givers a warm feeling of benevolence. If you would like to help us spread this message of love just a little further by being a PR Ambassador - let us know by leaving us a message or email and we can send you our flyer and any other information you might feel helpful or relevant. We look forward to hearing more about your journey of sharing.

Many blessings and thanks to you all!

In love & kindness,

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Long Overdue Thank You....

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Hi friends! I am so happy to be writing to you today….We’ve had some great guest bloggers and a little break to share a recipe between moms (and I LOVED Heather’s blog on inspiration in the community) – but I’m back and ready to chat! =)

I draw inspiration from so many in our community as well as others that are out there, day in day out, making a difference. Today, though, I am drawing inspiration from all of us here that are a part of Pass It On, Baby! We finally took the plunge officially in May of this year and began this little circle of kindness. Heather and my conversations started out talking about “if we help 12 people this year and they go on to pass along the kindness – just imagine.” It’s October and we’ve helped more than 32 children on their way. Surely not as many as other organizations, but we stand proud and happy to be out there making a difference. And simply put – we have. 32 children and their parents are out in the world today knowing that there are people who care.

And we do. Many, if not all of us, have been there…. there are times in your life where you could USE the helping hand. The farther that I travel down this path with PIOB, the more I look back in to my past to see all the people that have helped me get to the moment where I am.

Years ago, while still in college and finding I was pregnant with my first son, I was really unsure and scared. Initially, I wasn’t at the point of feeling all the joy and excitement that accompanies a new life – I was overwhelmed. I had a friend of mine that I told all my secrets to. She knew my worries, my concerns, my whole thought process during that time. At some point, she told her mother. It wasn’t long afterwards that her mother came for a visit. She asked to spend some alone time with me and took me shopping. She bought me a cute trendy outfit that would take me through the first several months of pregnancy. She took my friend and I out for dinner later that day, too – but she spent a solid day with me and for once, I wasn’t scared, only excited. She helped me along my way….

I’ve lost touch with that friend, over the years, but I NEVER forgot how that mother made me feel. They didn’t have a lot, I’m sure that the outfit and dinner was a sacrifice – but it shaped me. I’ve thought so much about her along the way…if you ever end up in Shelbyville, Indiana – let Pauline Wright know she changed a scared girl’s life.

He’s 13 – turning 14 now….he is one of the best things that ever happened to me. I told him about Pauline and the difference she made and told him that it was a gift to us – a gift that he too must find a way to give back. And so the circle continues…..helping another and paying the kindness forward.

When I initially had that first baby (I have five now – so that seems, at times, so long ago) I was in no position to give back, as some of our recipients might feel also. But you don’t know where the years will take you, and you don’t know where you may pass that kindness along, or who you may be influencing.

I guess I really wrote to say, thank you. Thank you for the sacrifices, the kindness, the love and the community that you have given Heather and I. We hope that the number 32 becomes 64 and then 128 and so on…there are so many kiddos to send some love to. We hope that you will continue to share in our journey, to pass our word along and to inspire kindness as you can. You never know who is drawing from your kind action and bringing it forth in to the present.

In love and kindness,

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Community of Inspiration

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Both me and my husband have been very concerned about how to be a conscious, productive, inspiration to our community for quite some time. A lot of our awareness came from my husband's past mayoral race a few years ago. Although he didn't win, his contribution did inspire many others to get more involved with their community and participate in voting. With so much going in on the news on such a national and global scale - people tend to get out of sorts regarding certain politics. But yet, I am finding more and more people that know less about what's going on in their own backyard or even participate in their community's growth. Who's your mayor, who's on city council, what is your city doing to become sustainable, are you purchasing from businesses in your city, are you improving your home's value through keeping up with it properly, and so on?

One particular thing that has had a lasting impact on us was "Keep Carrollton Beautiful", a non-profit organization for our city that assists with keeping the greenbelts green and the city trash-free. We had participated at an annual clean-up event about a year and a half ago and in 1-mile city area, we couldn't believe the amount of trash that was accumulated. Bags and Bags of trash - everything from fast-food to church programs - you name it! I hadn't really thought too much about the trash in our city. I wasn't one that littered or anything so it never crossed my mind until this particular experience. We knew several of the individuals in our group from the gym. It felt great when we were done to know that we had properly disposed of over 20 bags of trash in this one little area. But it's also a little disturbing to know that this was just a small portion of our city that needed cleaning up. A short-while later, I was driving down the side of a main road in our city and noticed that one of the women that was in our clean-up group was picking up trash. I knew that she had been walking a lot as she trains for the 3 day Susan G. Komen walk and apparently was using that walking time to pick up trash. Truly an inspiration! That inspiration carried over into my both me and my husband - especially him. He felt like if she could take care of that area - why weren't we taking care of ours. My husband takes my 16 month old son on a daily morning walk just to get the day started off right. He walks past a church, high school, park and fast-food area in just 30 minutes. Every time he would walk by, he would feel guilty for just leaving the trash there especially after seeing our gym friend. So, once or twice a week he has grabbed a trash bag and picks up what he can until he and Cade arrive at the park. He too felt inspired to use that walking time to pick up trash. He has had so many people stop him and tell him what a great community member he is, offer to give him money, asked to talk to someone's kids, and just wave (or honk) to say thanks. Even without the recognition - it has truly provided him (and me) a sense of community involvement and inspiration. It's such a small but significant part of taking care of your own community.

So I take this moment to ask you if you can take just a small part of your day or week or even month to take care of your own community. Learn and participate about your local government and events. What small little action could you do to help your city flourish, grow and be a better community for those behind you? I would love to hear about your involvement. Do you already do something to help your city be better? Let's share and read all the wonderful things our online community is doing in our own communities to be an inspiration to ourselves and others. You might find something you could do that you hadn't thought of before.

If you'd like to learn more about the Great American Clean-Up in your area - click on this link.

Thanks for letting me share! I look forward to hearing from you! Have a great day!

In love & kindness,