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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Atta Girl!

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Welcome back to another featured guest blogger - Louiseza! Louiseza and I have been friends for a couple of years now. We worked together for awhile at the same company as freelancers and when I started my own business - she came to become my accountant for my company too. We have had many a deep conversations about spiritual books, ideas and philosophies. She is an amazing wife, mother and career woman. She loves to write and this gave her an opportunity to utilize those skills. We hope you enjoy her blog post as much as we did!

In love & kindness - Heather & Elizabeth

I was recently speaking with one of my friends. She is my cerebral friend. I usually defer to her when I need a no-nonsense answer. I would venture to say that I am her mamma-bird friend, as I am to most, meaning I am usually the one giving advice and trying to move people towards their goals and dreams. My friend is in the midst of applying for graduate school; her task at hand happens to be writing an essay. She has about 3 or 4 questions that she must answer in her essay and each of them center on her accomplishments and contributions in life and basically how has she made in impact both professionally and personally. Now I see my friend as being a very accomplished woman. She is a college graduate, a CPA candidate, a business owner, a property owner (she owns two homes) and she is very devoted to church and community, all while raising her daughter by herself. Unfortunately, until this assignment, along with a conversation with her mother and the one that we were having that day, she had not thought of her life as being impactful. This saddened and surprised me. How could the women on the other end of the phone not realize what a contribution she had made in life? I personally know that she has spent countless hours as a mentor to our Girl Scout troop. When she owned a bookstore her business not only contributed to building a healthy economy in the Denver (Colorado) area, but to the literacy of others. At work she spends 45 to 50 hours a week providing support to her account team and leading her own employees. How did she not think that the hours of tax advice that she gives to her church members each year is of no impact, or that the time she spent writing a friend’s financial plan for her business (for free!) was not important?

I reminded myself that she is not alone in holding herself to such a marginal esteem. All too often we women—men too, but women especially—fail to recognize our own accomplishments. In a day and age when so much craziness is around us, we forget to make note of the inherent good that we contribute to the world. We women are the biggest offenders when it comes to lack of personal acknowledgment. We manage home, family, career and so much more, but we rarely manage to give an “atta-girl” to ourselves. Why is it so hard for us to think highly of our own accomplishments? Unfortunately, as women, we have become used to doing, because, “it’s what’s expected of us” or because “if we don’t do it, then who will?” I don’t think that it is wrong to assume these responsibilities, but how about assuming the credit for being a good person, a great mom or the kick-butt employee? I think that if we took more time to recognize the good that we do, we would instinctively do more good. If we only realized what a great role model we are to that young intern, the kid down the street or our own children—realize that the simplest things sometimes make the biggest impressions.

Some of my favorite commercials are the Liberty Mutual “good deeds” commercials. I love these commercials, because they spot light people doing good for others, but more importantly to me they focus on how those good deeds affect others. They make us aware of how our actions prompt such wonderful reactions. Similar to life, the commercials remind us that our smallest and most human gestures can have residually impactful effects on our world. A great example of this is Pass It On Baby. The impact that this labor of love has had on its recipients, donors and blog followers is indescribable. By acknowledging their desire to help and be impactful, Heather and Elizabeth have opened many doors that have allowed countless others to make a difference in so many lives—Awesome!

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Peaceful Ramblings this Monday...

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Hi friends! I know I promised a post on quick recipes to give us moms a hand, but I just wasn't feeling it today. I'm left in the aftermath of a documentary I watched and some of the points, thoughts and emotions it brought up. It was amazing and spiritual and yet, jarring at the same time. To be honest, it's been three days and my mind is still processing the whole thing. It had images of children digging through garbage dumps to find food, homeless in the street, war and destruction - and yet it interwined such images of beauty, hope, nature, prayer and worship...suffice it to say that the whole film was an experience. I can't find another word to describe it. It was beautiful -- completely exposing the fragility of humankind. It's called Baraka, if you ever happen upon it. Interestingly enough, (and I personally think beautifully enough) I received this as a gift from a friend, just wanting to share a little wonder that she had stumbled upon. She and I have differing views on our spirituality, and yet I think this movie transcends our beliefs and deals with the world as a whole. We have more in common than we do apart - and to be honest, I think that's the truth with a lot of us out there. We focus on our differences instead of how similar each of us truly is.

I mentioned in a recent post how much I miss being able to talk about differing beliefs openly and here comes a dear friend opening that door in my life all over again. Thank you, L....such a gift.

SO -- that's where I am. Reflecting, regrouping, figuring out how to make sure I am adding kindness each and every day. This morning, I chose to read some items that give me strength, hope and resolve to do better, and to keep doing better. This is still one of my faves....

People are often unreasonable, irrational, and self-centered. Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives. Be kind anyway.

If you are successful, you will win some unfaithful friends and some genuine enemies. Succeed anyway.

If you are honest and sincere people may deceive you. Be honest and sincere anyway.

What you spend years creating, others could destroy overnight. Create anyway.

If you find serenity and happiness, some may be jealous. Be happy anyway.

The good you do today, will often be forgotten. Do good anyway.

Give the best you have, and it will never be enough. Give your best anyway.

In the final analysis, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.

-this version is credited to Mother Teresa

I do still promise to post those recipes (thanks to those who have sent them in - and we'd love to hear from those of you who haven't yet.)

We don't have to accept what is here. We can change things. We can provide help, hope, love and kindness and change this experience for so many. It just takes a first step.

Forgive me for preaching...I seem to be wrapped in my own head this morning.

On another note - HOW AWESOME IS TAMMY???!! So glad she decided to share her story...inspiration for so many of us! Love knowing there are people like her in the world. Not only that, but she is a very talented artist who has offered a future giveaway for our readers. Seriously - the girl keeps getting better and better!! LOL!! Remember, we'd love to hear your story too...we learn from each and every one. Exactly as it should be. =)

In love and kindness,

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Introducing A True Inspiration: Tammy

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As you know, last week we started looking for a guest blogger. We didn’t have any particular criteria that we were looking for. That blogger could talk about anything she (even he) wanted. We were in no way prepared for such an amazing story of kindness such as the one below. The story made me cry and then made me smile….to know that there are people such as Tammy in the world. Hang on to your seats…this is a beautiful ride!! (And the window is still open for guest bloggers….we’d love to hear your voice, too!)

In love and kindness ~ E & H

My family has an extra child staying with us for somewhere around 16 weeks and it's a pretty amazing story how she came to us. This story is touching, amazing, overwhelmingly awesome; it's a story about trusting in God, a renewal of hope and of loving each other. It still brings tears to my eyes. God's love is so amazing and I have felt it strongly this past month. She is such a sweet heart to have in our company. Her name is Ayanna.And here is how it goes........

When I found out I was pregnant with my son Brandon I joined a “mommy board” online. A place where I met lots of moms due with babies in the same month as Brandon was due. The March 2008 Mommies. Even though the short 9 month pregnancy is over and my son is now 18 months old, I still go there to chat with my “online mommy friends.” There is still so much to talk about, discuss, compare and so many questions to answer or ask in our world of toddler hood that we all share at this point in time. We share so many ideas in so many different categories, from cooking, to discipline, to gift ideas. I have even met a few of them in person now.

One of the moms lost her son at 4 months old and still comes online to chat with us. She later found out she has Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She has shared this sad discovery with us, as she is only now 28 years old. She is a single mom that lives in TX. She has a 3 year old and 10 year old daughter. Her treatment plan needed to be started soon, some chemotherapy is the regimen. After her family comforted her that they would help her get through this, she moved close to them in Arkansas, got another bone marrow biopsy done for the new doctor and ready to start her treatment…..her family backed out on her. She attempted a round of chemo with her girls and learned that she was no good to them for nearly 48 hours straight. Weak, tired and vomiting. She went back to Texas and found someone willing to take care of and help with her 10 year old but no one would help with her youngest, so she had decided not to get treatments until she figured something out. The doctor was about to drop her and she told him her problem so he got her in touch with a social worker. They told her that the kind of child care she needs has a 9 month waiting list. If she had stage 4 instead of stage 2 the wait would be less!!! She posted her frustrations on our mommy board. Just a rant she called it. She was feeling guilty about trying to get chemotherapy and take care of her girls at the same time. She felt it was impossible, and was so upset that no one would help her. And her low income from short term disability makes it impossible to afford daycare for her.

So I had been thinking about her post about the situation with her girls for some time because it just breaks my heart. It was weighing very heavy on me, nagging at me. Since I have been saved by God in January this year, I have come to realize….that what I once thought was my conscience speaking to me….is actually God speaking to me through my conscience. And my conscience was strongly telling me that I needed to do something to help. I felt such a strong urge, I just didn’t know what I could possibly do. She lived in Texas and I in Kansas. We didn’t have enough extra cash to just send her a bunch, so it wasn’t that I was supposed to give her money, but I still felt strongly an urge to do something. I prayed about it, having the thought, the wonder pop into my mind periodically, reading and re-reading what she had wrote......and then one day while making lunch, out of nowhere it just came to me, this one thought, “I have ONE opening in my daycare.” I repeated it….realizing that for some reason I have not been able to fill that spot for months. And just then it's like I knew exactly I was "supposed" to have that opening. To actually stop and think about the idea I was developing seemed like pure craziness… would never work…..or would it? I would never be able to find the right words to describe the feeling that enveloped my whole body. It was like I could feel God hugging me and then gently pushing me to act on my feelings. He spoke to me, even though I heard no words. But I had the impulse that I needed to talk with my husband right then, it was almost as if I were holding my breath and praying all the while I was getting onto msn messenger to share this with my husband at work. We are used to living without that income now. It was maybe a little crazy and farfetched, but I copied and pasted and copied and pasted posts from the board about the whole situation involving Kristina to Chris to read. He said how it was so sad...and with tears in my eyes I asked him if it was ok to offer to keep her youngest daughter here until her treatments are over. And to my surprise he agreed immediately. His reply was a quick but simple “Yeah, that’s fine with me.”

This was the first he had ever learned of Kristina, I had never mentioned it before….and without any delay….his reply was quick and to the point ‘Yeah, that’s fine with me.’ This sent chills through my body, and gave me a safe reassurance that God was standing by my side and he was working through us. So I made the offer through an email, hoping she'd accept, but knowing she may very well not. I sent ALL my daycare paperwork along, a long reference list, and told her I'd do anything to show her she could trust me.She replied saying that she was in tears because she had just been discussing options of who could help her with her daughter, with her friend, and it seemed there was no hope....... and the last words she said before her phone dinged that she had a new email (from me) was "I just need to give it to God."

She seemed interested, but took some time to think about it as I sent the email 1 hour before we were leaving for our vacation. When I got back I told her my offer still stood and asked if she found any other way. She replied that after lots of praying and searching for other options, she'd like to take me up on it.She went to the oncologist that Friday, got lab work done, and got treatments set up to start on the following Tuesday. They left Plano, TX around 3 am Saturday morning and got here around 10:30am! Her and her friend could only stay for a few hours and had to head back because her friend had to be back that night.

Ayanna and her mother, Kristina

So now my daughter, Naomi, has a cute little 3 yr old roommate for approximately 12-16 weeks! I feel so completely honored and emotional over this. It's really cool. Especially since we had never met in person until Saturday morning when she dropped her little girl off! We filled out tons of papers and permission forms for ER and doctor's office and all the daycare paperwork.

Naomi and Anna are getting along so well, and have become great friends! Anna is so sweet and affectionate and loving. She fits in so well here and we have come to love and care for her so much. Anna and Naomi even refer to themselves as sisters now.

Tammy, Ayanna, Naomi and Brandon

All I can say is that God is GOOD, AMAZING and AWESOME!!

I feel so blessed to have been given such an extraordinary opportunity, and feel honored and privileged to have Anna in our home. I have felt totally in tune to God this past few months, and all I did was listen and pray. It is my greatest hope that even after Anna leaves us to return home that I can continue to receive opportunities to serve God in such a great way and to reach out and touch the hearts of others.I speak to Kristina daily and do my best to keep her up to date on how Anna is doing. I send picture and text messages on my phone frequently every day and we meet when we can on yahoo with our web cams! I can't wait for the day Kristina’s treatment is complete and successful and Anna gets to return home to her mommy! I’ve said prayers that God will help me to be able to find the right words to help her find her strength, to give her hope to continue, to remind her that she has a great purpose here as a mom and a strong need to fight and never give up.

Chris, Tammy, Ayana, Naomi and Brandon

Kristina and I have had many intense and deep conversations, there have been moments of happiness and moments of great worry. The bond that has developed between our two families has been a blessing in itself. This has been an experience that has made a positive and lasting impression on both our lives. Chris and I have also been asked to be Ayanna’s Godparents and we accepted! My only hope for the future is that I can continue down this path of helping others even after Ayanna goes home.

An update 10 weeks after Ayanna’s arrival:

Ayanna has been here 10 weeks now. Everything with her stay here has just gotten smoother and greater! Her mom has been in and out of the hospital 3 times, once she was in for up to 11 eleven days!!

She gave us a HUGE scare the Wednesday before Labor Day weekend. The Sunday night before that she got readmitted to the hospital after having been out for about a week. She hadn't been able to keep anything down and had gotten so dehydrated she was really weak and fell down 5 stairs. She went to ER that Sunday and they did some blood work, gave her some fluids (6 BAGS!) and sent her home. That night she had a fever of 104 and got admitted. By Wednesday it had been over 24 hours since I had heard from her and I was really bothered by that so I called her room at the hospital and was told she was not in there. I was hoping that meant she got to go home, but had a sick feeling to my stomach. So I called the operator back at the hospital and told him that I think I got the room number wrong for her and needed the right one. He said that she was actually in CCU and there were no phones back there. My heart sunk : (. I texted her friend and he too said he had just learned she had been moved. So neither of us knew why and just had to wait! Finally that afternoon she texted me and said it had been the scariest thing ever. The nurses later told her her stats. Her heartrate was 230 bpm, fever was 107.8, and blood pressure 218/148!!! She told me that she could hear them saying "She's turning blue" and "We're gonna lose her!" She said she had some crazy hallucinations that seemed SO real. One in which she thought her dad had died out in the hall. She also said she definitely had a near death experience and that she could feel it happening. She just knew it. She said she said a prayer and just "let go" and she heard God say "NO!" and she said instantly after she heard that she was back! She told me she had to have the same nurses that had been in there come back and help her to understand that her dad was still alive. She said when she finally got a chance to call him and hear him, she just started bawling! She was so happy to hear his voice.

Later that day we had a short discussion which was somewhat uncomfortable for me, but necessary, we talked about getting some more "legal" papers on file for Ayanna. So that if something did happen to Kristina that it would be filed with the courts where Ayanna is to be or to go. I explained to her that I needed to know where she wanted me to take Ayanna, that way some stranger didn’t come knocking on the door saying they were taking her because they were related and I’d have no clue who they were….or so that a police officer or SRS didn’t come knocking to take her away to be put in state custody. We discussed how Ayanna’s father would definitely want her after he was released from jail had something happened to Kristina. And that even if he were to get out before Kristina’s treatment were over that he would want to step up and take care of her. I told Kristina that Chris and I had discussed that we would be more than happy to keep Ayanna until her dad was out of jail. But in the end the ultimate decision was Kristina’s.

Earlier that week Chris and I had already decided that since we had plans to be in Joplin at my sisters for Labor Day weekend, we would take Ayanna on down to Texas on Saturday to see her mom. My sister kept our two kids. Kristina had gotten out of the hospital on Friday evening. She said the antibiotic they used on Wednesday was finally the right one and got her fever down. She did say she had to beg them to let her out on Friday. But it was an absolutely great visit.

We stayed about 5 1/2 hours. She has definitely lost some weight, was still pretty weak, but you could definitely tell she was happy we were there. (She cried happy tears just when I told her the news on the phone that we were indeed coming to visit.) There weren't really any tears when we left. I had explained to Ayanna that she would have to come back home with us, and that Naomi and Brandon were waiting for her to come play with them at Aunt Amanda's house. I think the part of it being my sister's helped, because it was somewhere new and fun and she had only just spent the night there Friday night and then we left right away, so she had no time to explore the new surroundings.

I'll never forget as we left though, Ayanna had a sad, kinda choked up little voice (like she was trying not to cry) and she said "Tammy I had a fun time with my mom today, thanks!" Also while we were there, Kristina gave me legal papers that name me Ayanna's legal guardian until her mom is healthy again. She gave me a copy and had her attorney file it with the courts. Hopefully there will be no more close calls or any more scary incidences!

Tammy, Ayana and Kristina

Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Stuff...

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People giving people a hand – that’s simply what this started out to be. Moms passing along their gently used children’s clothes to moms who needed a little help….You’ve heard Heather and I “preach” (ok….talk) on kindness and giving back and charity. Now we’d love to hear from one of you. Sometimes it helps to change up your perspective, to hear another’s point of view. There’s a lot more to say about helping, charity, kindness, raising your kids, whatever – than what we’ve said. And there is much to be gained from hearing from another. Sooo – what do you think about a guest blogger? If you think you’ve got something to say, now’s your time. Want to give some helpful hints on parenting children that will give back? Great. Have some stories to share? Perfect! You name it…(just name it to us, beforehand…while we LOVE different points of view – they have to at least be in the ballpark of our own…lol!) We love quotes, stories, centering, calming moments…get creative! Just drop us a note at: and we’ll take it from there.

We love our little community – and we would like some help from you! For the most part, we’re all moms, grandmothers, soon to be moms and maybe some supportive dads (we love you all!). Heather and I have told you recently how busy life has become – but no matter how busy it gets, we still need to take care of our family. We are looking for some recipes for a post on “Help for Busy Moms.” Yes, we usually help children, but sometimes us mommas can use a hand-up too! Send them in to us again at: . If you know of someone who is an awesome cook who maybe you’d like the scoop on one of their recipes, pass this note their way. Let’s pick their brain together! Maybe I’ll even share my homemade granola bar recipe… *wink*

So get sending! Or pass this along to someone who is a great writer or a great cook! We’d love to hear from you!

In love & kindness,

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Little Peace...

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Well, hello friends! I hope this post finds you all well. As Heather mentioned in the last post, things have gotten pretty hectic in our lives. But, it likely mirrors what is going on in each of your own, so I’m thinking we are all in the same boat. Good, because misery loves company! Kidding, kidding…. No, I think it is important because when you are really busy, you are given the opportunity to prioritize and really see your weaknesses.

I have a teenager now, so that’s probably gives you enough info to let you know that we have some moodiness and some assertion of his own ideas, which includes arguing many (if not close to all – LOL!) of mine. That’s fine in a sense…he needs to develop in to the man he will become…its just the meantime that is going to wear we out! I get that the teenage years can be some of the hardest years, but my husband and I are trying to make sure that “home” is the safe place – safe from the peer pressure, where you are helped with your difficulties, loved unconditionally, but also where you are taught increasing responsibility, meeting expectations and being a helpful member of our family as well as the community.

For those that know me in real life, I can be quick to react. I wasn’t born a laid-back person, I have to work really hard at that. And when my kiddos argue with me, I have to work SUPER hard to not get drawn in to the argument and remain the calm parent. Sooo – because I fully realize that I have my work cut-out for me, I’ve turned to a new book that I’m LOVING and that has given me some helpful info for the current road and the road ahead. The book is called Redirecting Children’s Behavior by Kathryn J. Kvols. Anyhow, the first day that I open the book, I’m tired…like all of us, right? It’s the end of a busy day where I’ve raised my voice several times...sort of feel like a failure….Lo and behold, it starts off with how, as parents, before we can be anything to anyone, we better be taking care of ourselves.

It was too perfect to be a coincidence and too reputable of a source to make me feel selfish in doing so. I loved the parallel the author drew… an airplane, as they are reviewing the safety guidelines, they state in an emergency that you are first to put the oxygen mask over yourself before attempting to help your children. If you have nothing left for yourself, you have nothing left to give…whether its energy, attention or even the basics like oxygen. (On a side note, the organization that publishes the workbook had the most beautiful mission statement….”It is imperative that we commit ourselves to creating peaceful families because…..World peace begins at home.” ) Soooo – that’s where I’m at these days. Even if its fifteen minutes out of the day, trying to get myself centered, focused – peaceful. And I hope you are too...

When we mention how hectic life can be – we aren’t complaining, really. (Most of the time…=) We are just figuring out how to make it all work. The life you lead is the sum of all the choices we’ve made up until this point, so if we don’t like where we are at – then we better get to work changing it. And we are never saying that Pass It On, Baby! isn’t our one aspect of our lives that we love more than we can say – it is. So no worries there….its a part of me now and when I box up those clothes, I still get the feeling like I am putting good in to the world and I simply like that feeling.

Take your moment and give it to yourself. Read a minute, have some tea, pray, mediate, exercise…whatever you do that re-centers you. I do lots of the above on any given day – but today I took out my kids' book from Shel Silverstein Where the Sidewalk Ends. I read some of the poems that made me laugh as a kid and after I felt pretty settled, I called everyone around and read those same poems to the kids. I’m going to leave you with a tiny one that still makes me smile….

"Listen to the mustn'ts, child. Listen to the don'ts. Listen to the shouldn'ts, the impossibles, the won'ts. Listen to the never haves, then listen close to me... Anything can happen, child. Anything can be." — Shel Silverstein

And all these years later....I still believe it can.

In love and kindness,

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Friday, September 11, 2009

A season of changes...

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Many of you know the scripture and the song that goes "To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under the sun." Well, for many people around the country, the seasons of change are coming with the weather. For some of you, the fall crisp air is beginning the morning and ending the evening. Leaves already may be turning colors in some parts of the country and maybe long pants and jackets are being pulled out of closets for you. I know for me living in Texas, we are still amidst our last bit of summer. I tend to mourn the end of summer as I love the warmth, pool time, parties, barbecues, and trips. But as I know - everything has it's season and time of purpose. Not only is the season of change happening for our weather, but for me its happening in many other ways. I took Cade to see a pre-school this week that he will be starting in the next couple of weeks. He will go every Tuesday and Friday. It's a mixture of emotions for me as I know this will be good for him and also allow me the time I need to continue focusing on all the wonderful business opportunities in front of me. However, it's still a little hard knowing that this time of him being with me everyday all day is coming to an end. That he will be affected by others (good and bad) and that Mommy and Daddy aren't his only source of knowledge, interaction, learning and so on. I know it's time though.

PIOB has been going through it's season of changes as well. With Elizabeth getting all her kiddos back to school and in their activities (remember she is juggling 5 kids schedules :), and with me landing 2 new clients as well as participating in my husband's real estate business and still taking care of my son full time - it seems that our time has become a little more hectic and less available. We want you all to know that PIOB is still a love for both of us and very important in our lives, but know that as all seasons have change we too are working out how to continue incorporating this "dear to our hearts" charity into our busy lives. We know you all understand but we want to truly re-iterate that we are still diligently working on matching up families and finding donating families as much as we can. We know there are many of you on our list that are still waiting to receive clothes and some of you as well who have offered clothes that don't yet have a match. We haven't forgot you! We promise each of you that we will find that match as soon as we possibly can. Please bear with us as we continue to learn to balance it all.

We know each season of change brings it's very own purpose. We are embracing the weather changes as well as the PIOB changes. Please share with us what season of changes are happening for you in your life? Or let us know what you love about the new season of changes in weather? The leaves, the football, the cool air? We'd love to hear from you!

In love & kindness,

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Belated Labor Day!! =)

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Happy belated Labor Day weekend to you all! It was a great one for me out here in the wondrous Midwest. My hubbie and I had been talking for a long time about taking the kids to our alma mater’s college football game. We head back at least once a year for a game with friends and we had kept saying that we would love to take the boys someday. Well, someday finally came!

We took the older boys early in the morning (the game was at noon – but we are a good four hours away) and my parents were wonderful enough to watch the three younger ones, since they were in town for the weekend. It was so much fun to be back at Purdue – showing the boys the campus, where we lived…..not to mention decking them out in gold and black. Boiler up, baby! (Don’t you just love how I add the “,baby!” on to the end of just about anything!)

(Ok - so OBVIOUSLY - I have NO photography skills and a not-so-great camera - but it works, so hey, thought I'd share! *wink*)

Such great memories and we felt so alive just to be back. My husband and I talked about how much we just love the whole college campus environment. People seeking, searching, finding out who they are…full of idealism and unencumbered by their idea of reality. Talking about issues…In a sense, I wanted to go back – even though that time in my life is well over…I missed it in so many ways. Everyday full of dreams and hopes and learning….

I was a lot more vocal in my own beliefs back then and I LOVED hearing others’ opinions. I still do – its just that I find myself nervous to talk about the issues because they are now considered “impolite” conversation. My friends and I talk about them, but back then, you didn’t have to be a friend to just sit and discuss. It was an everyday part of class. I think I miss that. I miss hearing people’s belief structures, they challenge my own and force me to really think about mine. Sometimes when I re-evaluate, I find that I need to adjust my own, or be more open-minded, or change my perspective. Anyhow, I came home with a renewed sense of searching and learning. When I had a minute, I went to the computer and searched about being kind. I urge others to be kind, so I better have put some thought in to the whole thing or it would make me a little bit ridiculous, right? =)

Soooo….this is one of the things I found and I like. It’s from a sermon in England, from a church that I don’t belong to…and it’s only an excerpt. But, nonetheless, I like…and I hope you do too.

…. What does it mean to be kind? It means, first of all, not repaying evil with evil, or abuse with abuse. No, if you want to be kind, bless. To be kind, is to give a blessing. It's quite powerful stuff, because, in the Hebrew tradition, to bless is to give somebody the power for life. To bless is to give somebody the power for life. It is not a matter of holding doors open or returning lost diaries, it is about giving someone the power for life. It is, at its most basic, the provision of food, clothing, housing, medical care, work - but it is so much more than that: blessing is making sure that another person reaches out towards their fuller potential. Now that's a far cry from the common or garden variety of what we mean by kindness. …. to be kind is help another person become who they really are. And that is not an easy call. As Friedrich Nietzsche once remarked, 'only the boldest Utopians would dream of the economy of kindness'…

So cool…..

Be well.

Do good.

Help others.

Until next time….

In love and kindness,

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kids helping kids...

Please note: If this is your first time visiting our blog, please click here to hear the premise of Pass It On, Baby! and how it all began.... Pass It On, Baby!

We love hearing stories of how families are joining together to help ease the burden of another family - especially through boxing up gently used clothes that are no longer being worn. Both Elizabeth and I have been so touched by the families and their amazing kiddos that have worked together to help those in need. It truly teaches all of us the gift of giving and the feeling that we are all interconnected in this world.

Kids are amazing! They will surprise you at the level of understanding they have as well as the ingrained sense of helping out another. Sometimes it just takes a wonderful mom to show the way. Such is the case of Kristen from We Are That Family. She is such an amazing woman and mother (and blogger too!) She has been so kind to promote Pass It On, Baby! on her blog and newsletter as well as share a box of many sizes of her kids clothes as well. Her children actually put together a lemonade stand in order to help pay for the shipping of a box of Pass It On, Baby! clothes. Here are the cute pics of their charity lemonade fundraiser!

These incredible kids were able to raise $20 at their lemonade stands (which is a whopping 40 customers!!) - 1/2 of which they are donating to the shipping of a Pass It On, Baby! box. What a blessing these children are for their own family as well as the families they are touching with the box of clothes they are sending.

Here are a few other pics of wonderful Pass It On, Baby! kids helping other kids. It touches us to see the love and generosity that is being taught to this generation of kids. It is a testament to the kinds of wonderful moms and families that Pass It On, Baby! has been blessed enough to connect with.

What a great way to teach kids about charity by actively having them participate going through their closets and picking out the clothes they no longer wear and boxing them up for another kid in need of those exact sizes! Many kids can more readily relate to other kids who are in need or hurting. Getting them involved in something as simple as Pass It On, Baby! or any other program where kids help other kids is a great way to instill a lifelong attitude of giving.

Thank you all for dedicating the time in helping teach your children this concept of philanthropy through Pass It On, Baby!

In love & kindness,