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Monday, December 6, 2010

The best gift ever...and GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY!

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Time sure does fly by! I want to apologize for the lag in posts but it's sure been hectic with Thanksgiving and now the holiday season among us. It seems like this time is busier than ever. I tend to get lost in all the things that seems so necessary to get done -  getting christmas cards out, shopping done, santa visited, baking goodies, attending christmas parties,  keeping up with the house, oh and not to mention working. I am overwhelmed with the whole to do list right now as it seems never ending. However, I read this wonderful quote the other day that reminded me what this time of year is all about...the best gift ever - LOVE!
"Christmas, my child, is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it's Christmas." ~ Dale Evans Rogers. 
I remember some of my most exciting Christmas'. Those when I got that special gift or a time when my family enjoyed themselves in an extra special way. One I can remember most is when my sister and I got a Nintendo. My parents made it so fun by creating a scavenger hunt. We spent atleast 20 minutes figuring out the next clue, running through the house, excited to see where the next clue would take us. We were sure it was something big. We giggled and laughed and enjoyed every moment together. Those memories of love and excitement are truly the times that warms my heart the most. Especially since my sister is no longer with us. When I think of her and that Christmas, it's not the Nintendo that I still think about (although it was an awesome present), it's the love that we shared. It's a gift that will forever be in my heart.

The presence (not to be mistaken with "presents") of Love to me is truly what makes the spirit of Christmas so meaningful. It is the BEST gift we could give ourselves and those who are closest to us. To allow love to flow in us and through us and outwardly to all those around us - in how we think, feel and act at all times. It is the best gift ever. You don't need a lot of money to give that gift, just an open heart and the mental awareness.  LOVE is all you really need.

In the spirit of Christmas and giving, we would like to giveaway a $50 gift card from Pass It On, Baby! Just a little thank you from us to you for being apart of our community of love. For giving love, receiving love, and feeling the presence of love that is here. We hope that you can use this to give a gift to someone special. Whether that be your child, neighbor, friend or even yourself. Tell us about that most memorable gift you received or the most memorable Christmas time you shared. We want to know. Please respond by Sunday December 12th and we will announce a randomly picked winner next Monday.

"Christmas, my child, is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it's Christmas." ~ Dale Evans Rogers. 

In love and kindness,


  1. My most memorable Christmas time was Christmas 2003.....I didn't know it at the time, but I had met my future husband online. I had been living in NJ working as a live-in nanny. I was flying in from NJ to see my family for Christmas and they lived halfway between Denver and Kansas City. So I flew into Denver.

    I knew the plan, he was going to pick me up and drive me to my parents. 6 hours one way, and then come back to Denver and return to get me and bring me back to the airport (after we spent some time together) so I could return to NJ.

    When I stepped off that plane, I'll never forget how nervous I was. We were already in love. But would it still be real like we felt from a distance, after meeting in person for the first time. As I came out of the gate, I spotted him immediately. All alone leaning against the railing, holding one single red rose. I quickly learned that the love we had felt was still very real and would just continue to grow. We've been together over 7 years now and very happily married for almost 6 years, with 2 wonderful children.

    Not sure if any other Christmas time memory will EVER top that one! I love my Chris!! (24 hours of driving in one week, just for me!) God is so GREAT!!

  2. This Christmas will be the best Christmas ever. Money is tight, under the tree is slim...but. Let me tell you about my little boy. His name is Adams. Adams was born the day before easter in 2003 after a 39 1/2 hour labor. He didn't scream, or even cry, he just opened his big blue eyes and looked around until the mean nurse pinched his big toe and he wailed! 2 weeks later we found out why he was such a "good" baby. He couldn't hear, and he had genetic abnormalities 47,xxy , and a balanced inversion on chromosome 6 to be exact. My husband and I took everything as it came and for the past 7 1/2 years we've been to countless doctors, had several surgeries, bought, lost, and grew out of hearing aids and acquired 7 more diagnoses. OH and had 2 more gorgeous children! So now we have 2 boys and 2 girls, perfect! Now, fast forward to 2008... we go in for a routine check to make sure everything is ok physically as far as speech is concerned and find out Adams neck is very compressed, so add a new doc... We were in and out of the neurosurgeons office until October of this year when Adams started falling, then he fell and didn't remember it. The neurosurgeon finds that he needs a fusion for c1-c2 on his cervical spine and a decompression (a piece of skull bone was growing abnormally into where the brain stem and spinal cord go like a fish hook). November 2nd they do the surgery. Two neurosurgeons saved our sons life, literally. They came out drenched in sweat and exhausted looking. It turns out Adams head has been held onto his body for the past 7 1/2 years by nothing but scar tissue. There is NO reason that little boy should be with us. God has a plan for our son (confirmation: the neurosurgeon took out one of Adam's ribs to fuse his neck!) He's here, and running around like a maniac despite the C-Collar... and that makes this the BEST Christmas ever!!

  3. WOW!!! Who can top Erica's story?!!What a miracle! Anyway, my story is nowhere near as miraculous or touching as hers, but here it is anyway. I don't remember how old I was exactly, but I think I was maybe nine or ten. We were still living in a labor camp that we had lived in while picking apples in Washington. It was very cold, and my mom, my brother and I lived in a tent. We had no toys, no TV, not much of anything. One evening, a group of people came into the camp. At first, our parents were freaking out because they thought they were from CPS coming to take us all away. However, they were there to deliver gifts to everyone. I received a heavy, warm, blue blanket. It wasn't much really, and most people would have turned their nose up at something like this. But for kids who were freezing at night, this was truly a priceless gift indeed. When I think of all my past Christmas presents, I don't think of dolls, stuffed animals, games, or other toys. I always think of that blue blanket.
    In addition, I have been the recipient of another great gift this year, althought the final plans haven't been worked out. My little four year old has been going to head start since August, but unfortunately due to some difficult circumstances, she was facing her last day at school this Friday. Her school could not transport her home to our house because we live too far away. I can't pick her up because I am working during that time. They have been dropping her off at her babysitter's, but we will no longer get childcare after Friday. Her teacher's have been working with me trying to figure out how we can keep her in the program, since they love having her so much. Although the alternative would be to stay at home with her dad, he just does not provide the right environment for her, so it is really important to me that she is in head start. After I had given up all hope of her continuing head start, her teacher's approached me and asked if I could afford to pay for the daycare myself. I told them that things were very difficult for me financially right now, especially since I am the only one working and only work 26 hrs. a week to support 7 people. They then told me that they really want to keep her in the program, and offered to pay for childcare for her so she can continue to attend head start. I was speechless, because it is not often that I have people in my corner rooting for me and reaching out to help so much. We are still working out the details, but it really makes me appreciate these ladies who care so much for my daughters well being. Sharlene

  4. My most memorable Christmas happened in 2002. My mom had just finished her last treatment of chemo for ovarian cancer and was declared in remission. That in itself was such a blessing, but the best part is that my brother, who has been in the Army for 14 years, decided to surprise my mom on Christmas morning. He had told her earlier in the month that he only had a few days of leave over Christmas and he and his wife wouldn't be able to make it back to Indiana for their leave. We only get to see Jason a couple of days in the entire year since he's been deployed so much, so this was going to be especially hard.

    However, on Christmas morning, he called our house where we were celebrating, was talking to my mom, and the doorbell rang. As my mom went to see who was at the door and saw Jason and Tiffany, she dropped the phone, backed up, and sat down on our stairs crying her eyes out. My brother and sister-in-law made it happen...they joined us on Christmas day. I still love watching the video of that morning when our family was together with the joy of Christmas in our hearts and the hope that my mom would beat her cancer.

    That day was made even more special because a year later, her cancer returned, she fought a good battle, but she lost her life here on Earth. We know she gets to enjoy the celebration of Jesus' birth now in the best place possible, and she's doing it with my dad, brother, and grandma, too, who have all joined her in heaven.

    Holidays are a difficult time of year for me since I've lost so many family members and my boys never got to know them, but I also smile when I think of the celebration they get to experience in the presence of our Lord.

  5. My most memorable Christmas happened when I was 10 years old. My mom and I lived in Baltimore, Maryland at the time. After my mothers divorce from my father we moved around a lot. It was tough to make new friends and attend new schools as often as we moved. I think my mom finally began to understand this and she really wanted to do something special.
    On Christmas eve we were spending time with friends of ours who, at this point, had become family. I heard a loud sound outside and in, through the patio door, came Santa. I could not believe my eyes. Now at this point, I honestly cannot remember if I still believed but this was pretty cool!
    He walked over to me and set down in front of me a giant canvas bag with MY name on it! It was great. I did not even care what was in it, it was just great knowing that Santa cared enough to come visit me, personally. That was my most memorable Christmas as a child!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
    Carly Santa Wobbe