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We are an online community of kind-hearted individuals who directly donate gently loved children's clothes to mothers who could use a little kindness. The wonderful donating mothers lovingly box up the clothes that they once loved their own kiddos in and send them for another mother to love on her children via the US Mail - Parcel Post. If you are in need, know someone in need or want to help by donating, please contact us at If you can't do any of these but would like to spread our message - thank you kindly! ~ Elizabeth & Heather

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Heading Back to Normalcy.....

Please note: If this is your first time visiting our blog, please click here to hear the premise of Pass It On, Baby! and how it all began.... Pass It On, Baby!

(Let me preface this by laughing at myself as I have assured myself I would be back to "normal" several times by now and would have already ensured that I had made enough time for PIOB, but in the past it didn't work out quite like I hoped....but I am that little kid that fell down and is brushing herself off and trying again.....let's do this!! xo)

I swear I thought I would be less busy when my kids got out of the babyhood/ toddler, but somehow in this home that just isn't the case!! =) I'm so happy to be back to carving time out of my life for Pass It On, Baby! It's something that is so much bigger than myself and truly helps me get back to who I really want and need to be. There are SO many distractions in this world….social media, keeping up with the Joneses, hearing about what the latest and greatest celebrity is doing and I am the first to admit that I am nowhere near better than any of that. But sometimes the distractions start to take the precedence in my life and I begin to feel unbalanced. It starts small with a nagging feeling that I should be doing something more, bigger until it grows to the point where my subconscious is screaming….."What are you doing to make this world even a tad bit better!" And I have to concede that while I do it on a small basis with kindness, etc….it isn't half of what I am supposed to be doing. And so, here we are.

In a sense I am really fortunate. I have a teenager who I am able to watch with his idealism, his ideas, his dreams of getting out and changing the world and I see the person in myself who I was as a teenager….worried about the planet, worried about helping others, never understanding how some had so much and other had so little. But time went on and there was schooling to attend to, kids to have, careers to build, dinners to make and I found that my mind in its spare time went to schedules to make, meetings to attend and on and on… and less and less about making a difference….in unfortunate ways so many feel that that is "growing up"….and man, that sucks to think that that is what we call "growing up." Where does that passion to do something lasting by helping another go for many of us? Where was I anymore? But really, where are many of us? Those of us rearing preschoolers likely spend some time everyday on preschool television where the lessons of sharing, being kind, using words carefully and kindly are driven home again and again. Because that's what we hope for the future generation. A way out of all this unkind words, greed, selfishness, hatred. But yet again and again, as adults we push this outwards on children without looking inward at our own actions.
Lent bothered me this year because I took a hard look at myself and wondered if this is the best I have. The best I have to give to my family, my neighbors, others in need and pain…..and it's not. So here I am. Asking you to do what little we can. We can get back to basics. We can pass along what we are no longer using to another. I get that some of us sell some of these baby and kiddo clothes, but really, if you don't need that little extra money….pass it along. Make a difference. Make a change in someone's reality.
Now I completely realize that there are a fair share of us that don't waffle and lose their focus from time to time….and baby, that ain't me! =) But kudos to you guys and seriously if that's you, help lead the charge to change. We make our surroundings a little better by the decisions we make, one after another, building upon themselves to create our lives. So, thanks for lending an ear….and I hope in the end it will inspire you to lend a hand. Regardless, love to you all.
In love and kindness,

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