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Monday, August 2, 2010

Be more child-like...

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Children are unique. They always laugh, tell us how it is, see the simpler things in life and easily get over their bumps and bruises. When we become adults, we begin to slowly lose that part of our self. We lost that  part of ourselves that allows us to be goofy without worrying what other people will think. The part of us that says that it's okay to  make a snow angel, take our shoes off and walk barefoot in the grass or laugh uncontrollably until we cry.

Being more child-like allows you to invigorate your body with the pure emotion of happiness. It allows you to de-stress, it improves your mood and reduces tension. Laughter and child-like emotions alone have been proven to relax tense muscles, increase the speed of oxygen into the system, lower blood pressure and directly improve the immune system. Those child-like qualities help you to see a different perspective to life and especially to problems and it allows you to truly enjoy the moment without worry of tomorrow.

Children are happy and playful most of the time. They adapt easily and continue to operate with a wonderment towards life with little to zero negativity. Every day they have a passion for happiness. As an adult, we need to reconnect more with our inner child. When you feel more child-like, the problems of the world may seem less important or threatening. It allows us to get back to the basics, the important things in life. When we are more child-like, negative emotions can instantly shift to positive ones. This allows us to increase our positive energy and attract better opportunities for the future.

Add a little play to your day, increase your energy for the moment, and rediscover your passion for happiness.

In love and kindness,

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