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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A tribute to cheerleaders and HAIR BOW GIVEAWAY!

Please note: If this is your first time visiting our blog, please click here to hear the premise of Pass It On, Baby! and how it all began.... Pass It On, Baby!

Many of you know that Elizabeth and I sit many times here on our soap box, trying to convey as many positive messages to our readers the best we can; all at the same time trying our best to continue to help families in need receive clothing. It's nice to be able to do something fun every once in awhile and also hear from another voice and point of view other than our own.

This special blog post is from Anne. Anne is what my circle of friends like to call "Super Mom!" She's a wonderful wife and mother of 3. She is also the most creative person I know! She teaches sewing classes to friends and makes all kinds of neat stuff like personalized towels, baby hooded towels, custom flip flops and the cutest hair bows!! She recently started her own company called Puddin Pie Designs! I am also linking her facebook page here as well so you can "like" Puddin Pie.  Check out her page and her website to see all the cute, custom gifts she has. Here is a special blog post by Anne from Puddin Pie Designs and her hair bow giveaway!

A Tribute To Cheerleaders

cheer-lead-er, n.   1. An enthusiastic and vocal supporter
When we think of cheerleaders, we usually think of pretty young girls, jumping and tumbling, rallying up support for the local football team on a Friday night. But when I think of a cheerleader, I instantly think of all of the amazing people I have met in my life that have been enthusiastic and vocal supporters of me. Not of my athletic abilities per se, but of my talents and even more importantly, my goals.

I don’t think anyone can be a truly happy and successful person without a “personal cheerleader” or two. Whether we want to admit it to ourselves or not, we need someone to pat us on the back every now and then, and look us sincerely in the eye and say, “Go for it!” Whether that “it” is running a marathon, or making a tough life-changing decision- a cheerleader can give you the push you need to kick-start your goals, or stand strong and be tough in your resolve. They are invaluable in showing us that we have something to give and share with the world that has worth.

Growing up we were cheered on for everything- using a spoon, tying our shoes, counting to 100- but it seems like that unwavering voice of praise got quieter and quieter as we grew up. It became our own job to pump ourselves up and not rely on others to make us feel good about the things we had done. But I think it is at this time in our lives when we need cheerleaders the most. Who hasn’t been scared to submit a resume to a great company, or what new mother hasn’t sat in the rocking chair crying along with her new baby thinking, ”I can’t do this!” Times can be challenging, and we could all use someone who stands by us, holds our hand and says, “You CAN do this.” I am so thankful to have so many of those people in my life.

We all have something we are good at, and we all have our own little (or big!) dreams. My own personal cheerleaders have been instrumental in not letting me demean my talents, but rather how to put them to work. I have always been a creative person- and as I have grown older, I have used those talents for my friends and family by creating custom gifts for them, which then led to me designing items for them to give to others. Their support and positive feedback have given me the confidence to turn my talents into a business. While it may be small- it is something that I love doing. I love having some time just for myself to relax and enjoy the creative process during the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Even still, there have been so many times when I have stopped and thought: This is so silly. I am not curing cancer or putting men into space, I’m making hair bows. How trivial. But then I can see the smile on my friend’s daughter’s face when she gets a box of “Miss Anne’s bows” or receive a kind note from a new mom who loves snuggling her baby up in the towel I made just for her and I think, I have given those people a moment of happiness. It may be small, but it’s real.  What’s better than that?

So I’d like to add to the definition of cheerleader: A great listener. An enthusiastic encourager. A dream booster. A thoughtful friend who will say little prayers for you and then call you later to see how the meeting or deadline went. Someone who can laugh with you when something turns out horribly wrong, and will sing your praises to others when they turn out really well. A giver of sound advice and constructive criticism.  Provider of hugs and high-fives.

So to all of my cheerleaders, I raise my megaphone up and say “Thank you!!!” I can only hope I am as supportive of your goals and dreams, as you have been of mine.

To keep the shout-outs going, leave a comment here at Pass It On, Baby about who is your biggest cheerleader and what you’ve accomplished with their support and we will select someone to receive either a Halloween or Fall bow (your choice).

Thanks Anne from Puddin Pie Designs for the support of Pass It On, Baby! and this awesome giveaway! We look forward to your comments and announcing the winner on Monday October 25th!

Have a great day and as always - Pass It On, Baby!

In love and kindness,

 (and Anne)


  1. Well, I wish I could say that I have a personal cheerleader, but honestly I don't. My cheerleader is myself. With five kids, work, full time school, and a house to run (and a very unsupportive father of my kids), sometimes life really tries to get me down. I just try to take it one day at a time, one problem at a time and keep my head above the water. I never let myself say "I don't know how I am going to do this". I always try to think positive and look at all my options. And, of course, I turn to God when I need to (which is a lot, really!).

    However, there was currently a full time in-house job listing at my work that I was unaware of. A teacher and a supervisor at another one of our sites knew about the position, and told me about it. They were both really rooting for me to apply for the position. The teacher even posted on my facebook wall over the weekend reminding me to apply! Due to their enthusiasm over this, I did apply and faxed in my application and college transcripts yesterday. I honestly don't know if I am qualified, because I only have 9 core ECE units and I need 12. However, like these two ladies said, the worst thing that can happen is they will say no and life will go on. I really appreciate that they encouraged me to do this, because I honestly don't think I would have if they hadn't. Sharlene Oroville CA

  2. My personal cheerleader hands down is my sister Heather!! No matter what I have faced in my life she has always stood so solid for me. She nurses my wounds no matter how big they are. When my world comes crashing down not only does she come and comfort me with words of love, and encouragment but she also sorts through the rubble looking for my faith, strength, and hope. She always seems to find it right along with my energy! She is an awesome supporter always trying to find the best way to approach me about her new ideas. Her goal is always to get me on a path that is full of happiness and fulfillment. There is no limit to the things she will do for me or my kids! There is never a time looking back that she was not there when I needed her good or bad. Even though there has been more bad than good she has never left me high and dry and she always tries to make sure what she says doesn’t upset me more through my times of trail. Just within the past year alone she has gone over and beyond. I added a third addition to the family in January of this year and like I stated before I am a single mother. Heather has helped carry some of my weight and in some cases most of the weight all doing this from a whole another state. She has helped me in so many ways prepare for my new addition that when my new addition finally arrived the only worries really on my mind was being the best mom to all three of my kids! She has been more supportive than most husbands and wives are to there own marriage and relationships. There are times that I have been so discouraged I just wanted to give in throw my hands up and say I’m done!! Heather would never let me do that. She seen things in me I could not even see in myself. I reside in Florida and she resides in Texas and through her love and her persistence her words through text messages or phone calls or emails I have wiped away many tears, gotten a boost of lost energy, redirected negative energy to positive, and sometimes a much needed hug. There are many times where I was such an emotional wreck I just didn’t think I could make it and a call to Heather was the dose of medicine I needed. Never and I repeat never has she given up on me. Heather continues to try and help me make the best choices I can make never losing faith in me. As times have gotten a little easier thanks to my big sister I am able to focus on more positive and know that I am a better, stronger mom, sister, aunt, cousin, daughter, and friend because of her!! Just as she has stood by me through every storm man has ever seen I hope that one day I can give to my kids as my sister has given to me. The best gift that my sister has given to me is UNCONDITIONAL love! Everyone needs a cheerleader like her!! So I write this today because I know that I would not have been as successful if it had not been for her and I know that she will continue to root for me 365 days out of the year.

    Jennifer Reed Florida

  3. I would have to say that my biggest cheerleader would have to me my momma. She is my support and my best friend. She is supportive in all decisions that i make ,and was my number one supporter when i got pregnant. She was the one who convinced me to keep my little girl, she was the one who convinced me that i was strong enough to raise a daughter and that i would be a wonderful mommy. My daughter is now 17 months old, and i am hoping that i can be at least half of the mommy and "cheerleader" that my mommy is and always will be. Without her im not sure where i would be, or who i would be.

  4. Wow...those bows are so cute! Great job! My biggest Cheerleader is my man! He is very supportive in all aspects (schooling, work, etc) of my life and always cheering me on and telling me I'm Awesome, I'm Chocolate Cake! Ha-ha, not exactly in those words. He encourages me to make mee...time to hang with friends and do fun things in my life. Huge supporter and cheerleader even in those instances when my ideas, thoughts or actions are a little out there. :-) He recently helped get me motivated to find a great new job that I absolutely love after not being so happy in my previous one.