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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"In the Strangest of Places if you Look at It Right"

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I have mantras.....things that reignite my faith and my faith system. They help to focus my thoughts in to positive energy and a positive outlook. So, here goes....Today, I am thankful. Thankful for the fact that when I get overwhelmed (like I was a few posts ago) that every day is a new day with new hope and new promise. I believe in destiny. I know that I am in the exact moment I am supposed to be at each and every moment.....even if it won't make sense until years later. I believe in kindness. And I believe in karma. Not in the weird eye for an eye sense, but the kind that says putting kindness and goodness in the world makes for a better place for all of us.... I love that letting those thoughts in means feeling so much more than the daily tasks, the takes you to a place of infiniteness and wonder.

Strange things happen to me. Sometimes they just seem so normal that I just don't question it. I know that they aren't really coincidences, but little pushes to get me back in the right direction. Today when I went to the gym, there was a new woman, whom I have never met or seen, working in the child's care area. She commented on my daughter and how "girlie" she looked and I made a joke of it saying after four boys, I was ready for some estrogen and some girlieness in the house. She sort of hesitated and said I have one boy and one girl. She quieted her voice so that only I could hear and said, "We are struggling. Everything is hitting at once. We just bought a new house." She began to tell me a story about her son having a fit last evening and her opening the door and for the first time looking at him dressed in clothes that don't fit. It broke my heart. She then asked me for any hand-me-downs I might have. She has no idea that I run a little charity regarding clothes, she doesn't even know why she mentioned that to me today. She doesn't have to....I know. I know that I was in that moment to remind me that the people among me are sometimes the ones struggling too. That there is goodness and kindness to be shown anywhere you go. She asked me because she was supposed to ask me, and I am supposed to help her. No questions, no judgment....just help. And while in the physical sense, it will be me helping her...she will have helped me too. Brightened my day because she trusted me, reached out....and reminded me of what I need to be doing in this exact moment. So again, today I am thankful.

Heather and I have kept this blog for awhile. Sometimes you glance at it to see what we have to say. Sometimes you see our updates on Facebook. It is not always your turn to help. Sometimes you can't. But you can always keep an eye out for those that are struggling out in our world today and likewise those that would love to be a part of this because it makes them feel good - just like it does for me. I want to ask you today to remember that each size on our right-handed sidebar is a child. A child doing without. A mother struggling.

I've said it a hundred times, but I have kiddos and so therefore, I have kiddos clothes. This is how I can help. Some of you are just like me. Some of you just can't help in that way. But you can help by just simply showing kindness. By talking to those who look like they are struggling. By smiling. By reaching out and letting them know they are not alone -- even if you can't say those exact words.

I'm not always the girl that randomly strikes up a conversation with anyone. It's not that I'm standoffish or anti-social, but sometimes I struggle with small talk before I've met or know someone. The other day, though, I was reading an article about homelessness and one of a previously homeless person turned director of a help group was talking about the hardest part of being homeless. Surprising to me, he said it wasn't the struggle for shelter, food or clothing. It was the fact that people didn't look at you, didn't talk to you, they dehumanized you. That was the toughest part for him. For this man, the smile, the kind word meant more than the money for panhandling. And that's something that regardless the others ones situation, we all can do.

Right now, lots of people are talking about the horrible bullying that has been going on for kids today. Boiling it down to the simplest level, it all starts with kindness. Respecting another human being. For what? For being human. For being a part of this journey with you. Because it truly says more about you than it ever could about them. Focus on yourself. Judge less, look inward more. And make sure to teach our children that as well. Each child is a perfect little person. But subjected to hatred, judgment, ridicule and worse, makes for a damaged adult. Be careful with our little ones and make sure to teach them by your example - not just your words.

Little tiny acts of together to slowly change not only ourselves, but our world.

In love and kindness,

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  1. Great post and a much needed reminder that it's the little things that count.