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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter Fun!

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We hope all of you had a very happy Easter! This past Easter my little family (Me, Chris & Cade) went to Kansas finally to visit my dad's side of the family. We had missed the Christmas holiday due to the big blizzard at the end of December.

Cade had everyone's names memorized, GG (for great grandma), Gray Papa (aka great grandpa), Keri, Kim, Bruce, Charna, etc...I was pretty happy that he said everyone's name on cue so well since he's only 21 months old.

We spent time on the golf course hitting balls with daddy, driving the golf court (yes, he got to steer), hanging out at my uncle's with a big bonfire and playing with ALL the animals (like 5 cats, 3 dogs and lots of birds).

Cade got to a "trial run" easter egg hunt at GG's on Saturday morning since Sunday we had plans. (Plus he wouldn't know the difference.) When Sunday came, Cade had a cute little handed down outfit from my friend Anna who's been "passing on" clothes to Cade for the last couple of years. It hand only been worn a handful of times and looks nearly brand new. We headed over to my Great Aunt's house in Topeka and spent the day with with my cousins and their little ones. The day started off with an Easter Egg Hunt. Cade being the youngest, the older kids had been instructed to help him find eggs or make sure he had an even amount. Cade gave them a run for their money. He was hustling up eggs left and right so eventually my husband would take eggs out while Cade wasn't looking and put them down for the other kids to find.

Since Cade doesn't really eat candy yet (it will happen soon enough) nor does he know anything about money, we gave all the earnings of quarters and candy to the other kids. He just had fun playing with the eggs and hiding them again.

We enjoyed our trip, albeit we were exhausted. It was nice for us to get away and for Cade to learn about the rest of his family. I got to slow down from my very hectic schedule as I usually teach classes, work a contract job, handle my marketing clients and then fill in the rest with being a mom and wife. Being in a small town really helped me slow down and just enjoy. It felt nice not to have every minute of the day planned until bed. Sometimes we would just lay around until after lunch and then decide to do something. My goal is to continue working towards a day a week that I have that same feeling. Less planned more relaxed. 

All in all Easter was enjoyed by everyone. Cade is still talking about GG, Gray Papa, etc to this day so it must have been memorable for him too even though he's only 21 months. :)

As spring is fully upon us, families in need are looking to clothe their children with seasonal clothes. Please look through your closets and see if you have a few outfits (in good used condition) to donate to a family in need. Let us know and we will gladly find a match. Thanks for listening and as always for Passing It On!

In love and kindness,

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