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We are an online community of kind-hearted individuals who directly donate gently loved children's clothes to mothers who could use a little kindness. The wonderful donating mothers lovingly box up the clothes that they once loved their own kiddos in and send them for another mother to love on her children via the US Mail - Parcel Post. If you are in need, know someone in need or want to help by donating, please contact us at If you can't do any of these but would like to spread our message - thank you kindly! ~ Elizabeth & Heather

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A single mom's plea for help...

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Everyday we continue to get stories and notes from mothers struggling to provide even the basic of items for their children. We've shared stories of kids without winter coats, even socks and shoes. 

We heard from one particular mother towards the end of the year in a panic, desperate to receive assistance. Her name is Jennifer and she is a single working mother. At the time she contacted us, she had 2 older children and 1 little one on the way (a bit of a surprise and definitely not planned). Most of her family lives far away from her and those who do live close are unable to help her with much more than a supportive ear. With her little girl due in January, Jennifer found herself struggling to find baby items that she could use - even finding a used crib was quite a feat. Her friends threw her a very moderate shower as most of them are struggling moms as well so she found herself just a couple of weeks from having her little girl and in a panic to even have bottles, clothes, bibs, you name it - just the basics in bringing home a newborn baby. Miraculously Jennifer was guided to Pass It On, Baby! She reached out for help and PIOB was able to deliver. Several boxes of clothes, toys, bottles, odds and end necessities were sent as little care packages just in time for the new little girl. Jennifer has been so overwhelmed by the love and support from Pass It On, Baby! 

I am writing this to show my gratitude to everyone who has helped me at Pass It On, Baby! PIOB has been such a blessing to me and my children. I am a single mom of 3 kids and times are very hard for me. I just recently had a baby and because of PIOB - my baby came home from the hospital with clothes. I didn't have anything for my baby - clothes, bottles, mittens, and because of some wonderful packages I received - I was able to give my infant what she needed. I think this method of reaching out and helping the parents that are hurting financially is such a great thing! I can't even begin to fully express or even explain how much this has truly helped me. If it was not for Pass It On, Baby!, I really don't know how I would have properly clothed my infant or provided her the necessities. I truly feel blessed. I hope that Pass It On, Baby! can touche other people's lives the way it has done mine...
Thank you sincerely,
PS. Here are a few pics of my little girl with some of her Pass It On, Baby! clothes as well as her with her proud brother and sister.                                                                                                        

Thank you again to all the wonderful donors of Pass It On, Baby! Whether you donate clothes, donate your time reading this blog and sharing our message, or donate your love to someone else you know in need - we couldn't survive without you!

In love and kindness,

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A grandmother's wish...

Please note: If this is your first time visiting our blog, please click here to hear the premise of Pass It On, Baby! and how it all began.... Pass It On, Baby!

Pass It On, Baby! loves to take the stories of donors and recipients that have been blessed through this online community and share that along with all of you. We feel that hearing these stories directly from the source helps to personalize how we are all helping another as well as connect us on a more personal level. Such is the story of a grandmother who wrote back to us in December about her daughter and 3 grandchildren who were struggling. Here is her note to us.
I recently received this website from a friend of mine at work. My daughter is a stay at home mom and could certainly use a helping hand. Jakob is in 5th grade and is a good brother. In January 2008 they welcomed a little baby girl named Elizabeth. It was quite a surprise as my daughter had several miscarriages and did not expect to have another child. Then as the Lord will provide, she had another son, Justin in March 2009.
The day before we heard from her about her family, we received a note from a wonderful mother looking to "adopt a family" for Christmas. She purchased items brand-new for this family. Her box of blessings arrived just shortly before the Christmas holiday. Here is the note back from the grandmother - expressing her appreciation as well as sharing pictures of her grandchildren in their newly received clothes.

My name is Mary K., otherwise know as Nana.  My daughter Nikki and her family are like a lot of people here in the United States…hardworking, scraping by on a shoestring and a prayer and sometimes a miracle happens.  My friend Christie told me about Pass It on Baby and how it helped her family.  I thought that Nikki could certainly use some help so I e-mailed and talked with the angels Elizabeth and Heather.  I let them know that Jakob, Elizabeth and Justin could really use some winter coats.  The immediate response I got was overwhelming.  When the box arrived it was the best Christmas present anyone could receive.  My daughter and I cried on her kitchen floor as we opened the box to find new boots and coats for all of them.  They even put in a pair of soft footies for me.  
I know I could not have afforded to buy all of those coats for them, but with the help of some very beautiful individuals, my grandchildren have had a lot of winter fun in their snowsuits and did not have to stay inside on beautiful winter’s day.  

This is the beauty of Pass It On, Baby!'s circle of love - the giving and the receiving is what creates our community. Please check out our immediate needs section and help where you can or pass along this site to those who you think might be interested in helping us continue our circle. As always, we thank you for being apart of our community as well as reading our blog. We would love to continue hearing from any of you - if you have been a donor, a recipient or are just a reader. We want to know your thoughts or your stories.

In love and kindness,

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Share your Inspiration and Inspire Another.....

Please note: If this is your first time visiting our blog, please click here to hear the premise of Pass It On, Baby! and how it all began.... Pass It On, Baby!

You know, as you listen to popular music or some of the messages present in today's society - there is this big push to define yourself as having done everything yourself. "No one gave me anything." And while that's great - its so not completely true. There are people everywhere that have built us up to the moment we are at now. Friends, family, co-workers, social services...whatever. Sometimes it takes a long time to look back and to realize the sacrifice that another person made on your behalf. Sometimes it takes a long time to appreciate it enough to say that you, in turn, want to do something similar for someone else. Sometimes, it takes "growing up" to determine who you want to be and set about getting there. I am one of those people who wants to make a difference in someone's life. I want to pass along good. I want someone to think that I made their burden just the slightest bit easier. But, I am this person today, because of all the people that have helped me and unconsciously taught me to be just that. And, frankly, who loved me enough to still "do" for me and help me, when maybe I wasn't yet that person....

When someone helps us out, we say thanks - but sometimes, as the years go by, you realize that the thanks you gave was pretty minimal and that it shaped you in ways you would have never imagined when you were in that moment. Here's your chance. If you have someone that you'd love to spotlight - write a quick note of thanks and tell your story. It inspires others and shows us all how great people are! You can comment, you can choose to blog about them, whatever works for you. Maybe you'll just choose to here goes. One of my inspirations....Anne.

My husband and I married young - while we were still in college. I had my first son while still in school, and though we wanted to wait for our second son to be born until after school was finished - Someone Up Above had a different plan for me. =) Fortunately, I accepted a job in December of my senior year, so I didn't have to interview pregnant. I did, however, have to start my new job pregnant and immediately begin talking about maternity leave since I was scheduled to start in July and my son was due in October. I know there's nothing wrong with my situation, but it was uncomfortable for me and I was intimidated to meet all my new colleagues 6 months pregnant, just out of school.

Anyhow, my first day I started alongside Anne. Anne was from Brigham Young and I was from Purdue. We hit it off immediately. She was fun and loving, insightful and exciting. We became fast friends. We were both living in Michigan with no family around and new enough in town not to have many friends there either. Because of this, I started to worry how to plan care for my older son while I was in the hospital having my second son. My husband would be with me and my family was a minimum of 4 hours away. It would take them a little while to get there. So, when the time came, we took my older son to his preschool and headed to the hospital. Anne had offered to pick up my son from school and bring him to the hospital to meet his brother. She had to leave early that day from work to pick him up - which of course, she did without saying a word to me. She brought him to the hospital and then when he was tired, brought him to her apartment to play. She was wonderful. While I was on leave, she brought some adorable gifts from my co-workers to my home....she had organized the gift-giving too. I could go on and on about Anne, but none of those are the moment that I really want to focus on.

Eventually life went back to normal. I went back to work following leave, my husband was in grad school and we were making the best of our life. Life was busy with two little ones, but we were happy. One day Anne asked me if we had ever been out on a date since we had moved to Michigan. I thought about it for a second and had to say we hadn't. My second son was less than a year at the time and we had never felt comfortable having anyone watch them. She promptly said that was it and that my husband and I were heading to dinner that weekend and that she was coming over to babysit. I tried to protest, but she was having none of it. So, that weekend, my husband I went out to dinner. I can remember every detail of that date because it was so special. Anne told us she didn't want to see us back home before several hours (but that we could call to check =), so we truly just enjoyed ourselves. She accepted no money, said she was happy to do it and let two tired parents out for a night without worry. Everything was perfect when we got home. The kids were happy and well- taken care of. We were rejuvenated. Most of us would say - wow - how sweet or thoughtful....and it might not seem that out of the ordinary for those of us in our 30s. The difference was that Anne was 24. She had no children at the time. She just saw a need and reached out to lend a hand.

My second son is now nine. Neither Anne nor I work for that company any longer. We live in different states and don't see each other as much as we'd like - but in that same spirit she has always have, if I ever need a friend, she is there. She is expecting her first child very soon. I can't wait to meet her daughter this summer and more than that, I can't wait to tell that little girl how wonderful of a mother she truly has and how lucky I am to have met her.

My story is no different than any of yours. But there is power in each of ours....share your story. Inspire another. We'd love to hear on your blog and let us know or share a comment with us.

In love and kindness,

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Thinking and Sharing....

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I had a random occurence that happened to me last week that I just haven't been able to get out of my head. So, I thought I'd share it - because I think it points out some of the trickiness associated with giving and helping and really kindness all around. I was at a card and stationary store recently picking up some gift items for birthday parties that my kids were headed to. When I got to the register, there was a woman who appeared to be somewhat frazzled and a little frantic checking out at the register next to me. I proceeded to be rung up and was taking out my money to pay when she leans over and says, "Hey - do you have a quarter?" I reached over and handed her one, she thanked me repeatedly, finished her transaction and left the store. Likewise, I went back to my transaction. The moment the woman who had taken the quarter from me left the store, the woman behind the register asked if I knew her. I said no, but that she obviously had something going on and I joked about buying myself some good karma. The woman behind the register was in disbelief...she asked me again - you don't know her at all? I said no. She proceeded to call over the woman from the other checkout counter and explain the situation. They both apologized several times and as I left the store, were still shaking their heads at how someone would have the "audacity" to do that.

The situation struck me as weird....and I'm not talking about the woman asking for a quarter. I'm talking about how shocked the women behind the counter were. Who hasn't been in a situation where you are paying in cash and you realize that you are a few cents short? What a great world it would be if your neighbor didn't mind giving you a hand without thinking twice....But the truth is that they were apologetic and surprised because there are unspoken rules on giving and how you can give.

Lately there has been a lot of focus on helping Haiti and at the same time I've read a lot of backlash talking about all those in need in the United States who go without help in the same extent. I personally think giving in any form is wonderful, but as I listen to those who take issue with the extent of help, I hear their message too. When some catastrophic event happens, personal stories of horrific, unimaginable events leak out. We hear those stories, know that we have little capacity to relate and choose to help - because we can't believe what others have been through and don't want them to suffer any more anguish. It's amazing and truly shows that people are good. In events like the Haitian disaster, celebrities banded together, news outlets continuously covered these stories and people opened their hearts. It was clear that we COULD make a difference and did in some way. And we knew how to recognize that need. It was clearly identified and we knew exactly how we could make a difference.

The need in some of our own backyards is less clear. The paths is less clearly labeled and the stories are not always shared. So, there is a different reaction to the need. I do believe that people are good....I do believe that if we heard each and every heart-breaking tale of children going hungry in the US or children without clothing - it would pull at our heartstrings in much the same way. But we aren't going to....if you walk by a homeless person on the streets of a major city, you won't know their story. You'll have to fight to hold back any prejudice that flows in that makes you doubt their motives, or their capabilities. You'll have to choose to help because its another human being and they need it. You'll have to make the choice not to allow yourself to be jaded and just help out.

See, in my opinion, there is an undertone of blame for people in need in our own backyards. You know - "why can't they get a job - I have to." Or, "if they need help, they can start by helping themselves." We make these judgements that those in need have made bad decisions and therefore find themselves in that exact position....But - I'm thinking we need to challenge ourselves in there moments and think them through and decide exactly what person we want to be in this lifetime. So -- let's take me for instance and talk about how quickly I could be one of those people in need.... I have a college degree and prior to raising children full-time, had a challenging career in Finance with a Fortune 500. I volunteer and I know, the stuff that they tell you to. =) But, as a stay-at-home mom, all of my ability to provide for my family comes from my husband. He works so that I can stay home. I'm fortunate to have a loving and happy relationship with my husband, but what if in an instant, something changed in our relationship and he was gone. What if he no longer provided for us? Many would say, well - you'd have to get a job. Yes, I would. But I also have five children and with my being out of the workforce for the past 6+ years, it would be tough to find a job paying more than what I made prior to leaving my career. I would need to find daycare for one, preschool for two and afterschool care for all five. We'd be upon tough times pretty quickly. We'd be lucky enough to have family support, which many don't....but on one lesser paying salary than what we have currently, it wouldn't be long before I'd have to question my ability to keep my house...and so you get it.

The point is, cast aside your judgements. Remember that feeling whether you helped with Haiti or 9/11, Habitat for Humanity, the soup kitchen - you name it. You can have it in your life on an ongoing basis. If you haven't had it - seek it. You will probably find that you end up gaining more yourself that those in need gain from you. Just remember that "life is the journey between who you were, and who you were meant to be."

So in a nutshell - this is why Heather and I run Pass It On, Baby! because there are so many who need so much and it sure helps a lot if everyone does a little....((hugs))

In love and kindness,

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