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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Planning a life vision

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The last couple of weeks have been pretty chaotic for me and my family as well as we move into a new direction in our life. As I have mentioned in past blogs - my husband, baby and I have been helping to take care of my mother-in-law's home while she has been taking care of her mother who hasn't been physically able to. During that time, my advertising and marketing business began to sink and my husbands day trading wasn't netting out the income we needed to live on either. So we have had to come up with a new vision for our life. 

Luckily my brother-in-law has been doing well in the Real Estate industry and has recruited my husband to help out. Chris just passed his exam yesterday and what do you know - I got a new business meeting all in the same day. YAHOO! The broker we have chosen for him is very agressive in their marketing efforts and does help new agents with leads. With my marketing and advertising background - I am working on a plan for how to increase business. We have to be willing to beat the streets and talk to anyone about his vision for his Real Estate company. He wants to truly help people find a place that is affordable and fits their lifestyle. 

We've definitely been shifting things around for the past few months and been praying for things to move in the right direction. We can't be excited enough for the new shift in energy and momentum that we are feeling. Now its time to make a plan on how to move forward. Not just financially, but for the lifestyle that is important to us. Health, Wealth (not being rich - just smart with the money we do have/make) and Happiness in my opinion is the foundation that is necessary to sustain an abundant quality of life. It's important to us for someone to take care of our child from home and I also have to balance my business time, PIOB time, marketing Chris' business, family time, workout time, cleaning time, and so on and so forth. So we have to schedule how much business will work within my time constraints but we also have to make a certain amount of money. We are planning out every dollar in order to get us through the next couple of months while we continue building on this momentum (sometimes robbing Peter to pay Paul - as I'm sure many of you know the game). More importantly - we are planning out where each dollar will go once the money starts coming in. How can we pay off debt, put money away, and get ourselves in a position to allow my mother-in-law to take back over her home so we can move on. Maybe not right away but down the road in the near future. Its tricky and very overwhelming at times. Chris and I usually get out the whiteboard and start putting down each item that needs to get down and then prioritize and determine what's realistic to fit into our already hectic schedules. This board gets filled with 100's of things but then we narrow down and decide what's a must and what can we hold off on handling or planning until we knock some other items off our list. But we can at least see the big picture. 

We are also currently working on planning out our meals and how to make sure that we continue to get the proper nutrition we need to continue to stay focused on our goals. We have to make sure we get our regular workouts in as it fuels the body and the mind to stay energized. We know that good food, supplements, and exercise is important and it has be apart of our vision for our daily life.

This is probably a re-focus time for lots of families out there. People are having to re-invent themselves, find new ways to earn incomes, learn how to manage on less, as well as try to live a balanced happy life. It can be difficult when times look bleak as I too can attest too but its all about starting with a game plan - a vision for our life. What is important to us, how do we want to feel everyday about ourselves, about our life. What are we willing to get out there and do? Can we push forward past our fears and take a chance? Are we willing to step outside the box and really sell who we are? Are we willing to try a nutrition or workout plan that is completely foreign for achieving a new health goal? Are we willing to really know how to budget our money, and plan out how to think in terms of maybe networth instead of just income? Again, to me its all about the little things that help me to achieve health, wealth and happiness. At the end of the day - isn't that the foundation to an enhanced quality of life? 

What's your game plan? What new vision are you looking to create? I know it may be personal but all you need to say is - I'm planning out how to reinvent my career or I'm working on a new vision for the mom I want to be. It can be anything. 

Take care and good luck! I'll keep you posted on how we are doing with implementing our vision. :)

In love & kindness,


  1. I will keep you & your family in my thoughts & prayers & good luck with all of your new & exciting future plans. We have no game plan at this moment, we are just playing the wait for baby game & this has kind of placed us in a stand still with everything else....BUT that is alright by us!!

  2. I know exactly how it feels to have to "crack the whip" and be really strict on what you can and can not afford. it seems in my life everytime things are going forward and going good, something happens to mess it up. then i have to come up with another gameplane, and change this or that to make things work. i work on a very strict budget, having so little income and usually have it narrowed down to just how much i can spend on gas and other needed items. right now, i am trying hard to improve our situation. i am planning on going back to college to take early childhood education classes so i can earn more at my current job. i just found out that i was approved for financial aide (yippee!!!), which will give us a small financial break this year. if i earn enough ece units i can work my way up, perhaps to even become a family educator. i am sooo tired of not being able to afford the simplest things in life, and i am really striving to provide a better homelife for my children. sharlene

  3. i am sooo tired of not being able to afford the simplest things in life, and i am really striving to provide a better homelife for my children. sharlene