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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Heather's Corner

Please note: If this is your first time visiting our blog, please click here to hear the premise of Pass It On, Baby! and how it all began....

As mommies, we take care of our kids, we take care of our husbands, the pets, the house, and with this charity now -- the world! Whew - that can be EXHAUSTING!! LOL!! Let's take some time to talk about how to take care of us...

By day I am an advertising consultant, mom, house manager and newly a charity organizer but by night - I am a 24 hour group fitness instructor and have been for the past 5 years! I teach sculpting, cycle, boot camp and abs. I teach 1 class on Monday, 2 classes on Tuesday and a whopping 3 classes back to back for 2 1/2 hours on Wednesdays! I love a good butt kick, push it to the max, sweat it all out workout. Oh and my husband got his degree in kinesiology and health promotion, used to personal train and run a gym. So needless to say - we try to stay pretty healthy at our house!

It's become a passion (or an obsession for those who know me) to stay in shape and help others stay in shape too. And after having my first child 11 months ago - it has become much harder to do that. (see picture below) Not only just trying to take off the weight but finding the time to eat right, exercise (when you can't take a newborn to daycare), get enough sleep (ummm-yeah), and just take good care of myself from the inside out. So, each Friday we've decided to take a short break for the day to talk about giving back to ourselves. We may talk about an appropriate snack to beat a mid-day crash, a favorite exercise to target a problem area for summer, favorite teas or skin care, name it! And feel free to give me ideas! I'm open to anything.

So to start us off with something easy - let's start with favorite mid-day snacks to beat a crash. I feel like I'm always going through this battle every day as I sometimes forget to eat with so much going on and suddenly realize I'm starved! Other times just finding something quick and easy to hold me over until I can get a proper meal can be challenging. Here are a few of my favorites.

1. Edamame Soy Beans - These take 5 min to make and you could cook previously and have ready to go in the fridge. It is an excellent source of quick protein and very little calorie. You can lightly season with salt or boil it with a little soy sauce. I like to buy it frozen so it keeps longer.

2. Granola Bars - I take 2 granola bars in my purse EVERYWHERE i go. Some tend to have a little more sugar than others but most of the Quaker Oats brands are only 100 calories a piece. You can get peanut butter ones that have added protein. These are always good on the go.

3. Hard Boiled Eggs - Again, if it's pre-cooked and ready to go - its a quick 2 minute snack. Protein lasts longer in the body than sugar so if you can get some sort of protein in your system it will keep you energized until a meal.

4. Almonds - A handful of almonds (10-14) has just enough protein to keep you going and has also been noted as a food to help you stay young. 

5. Apples - The old adage is true! Plus, It can fit easily in a purse or diaper bag, is filling and low calorie. I love a good organic Gala apple! MMMMMMMMM!

Just a few snacks to give you the idea. I hope this helps some of you with a quick, healthy idea to keep your fuel jets burning. Please feel free to share any quick, healthy snacks you have used to help you during the mid-day. Pass it On, Baby!

PS. Here is that baby, Cade, that did such a number on my body. He was definitely worth it! :)

In love and kindness,

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  1. Ok - I love this type of stuff too - so I had to jump in! =) I have all the passion, just none of the credentials! LOL! Anyhoo - I get dry roasted Edamame beans from Costco and keep them in the pantry. You can add to trail mix, grab a handful while cooking (my worst time to snack) or just when you're hunting down a snack. Soy is GREAT for us women!