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We are an online community of kind-hearted individuals who directly donate gently loved children's clothes to mothers who could use a little kindness. The wonderful donating mothers lovingly box up the clothes that they once loved their own kiddos in and send them for another mother to love on her children via the US Mail - Parcel Post. If you are in need, know someone in need or want to help by donating, please contact us at If you can't do any of these but would like to spread our message - thank you kindly! ~ Elizabeth & Heather

Friday, May 15, 2009

A helping hand - first hand

Please note: If this is your first time visiting our blog, please click here to hear the premise of Pass It On, Baby! and how it all began....

I wanted to share with everyone how I came to be involved with Pass It On Baby! and how these simple acts of kindness have impacted me and my life. It started with a couple of very close friends and family (Elizabeth, Jodi, Kristina, Anna, and Nikki). I received gently used maternity clothes (little did I know when I got pregnant how expensive they were - especially when you are worried about looking cute fat), boys clothes, toys, car seats, etc. All in love and kindness from those around me. Little did they know how their generous gifts were such a blessing in my life at the time. Especially now.

When I got pregnant - I decided that it was very important to be at home but yet my career was important to me too. I have been in advertising for over 10 years. So I had made up my mind that I would work from home finding my own clients to help with their advertising and marketing and needs - all while staying home to care for my new son. It was tough - nursing, caring for a newborn, working, and managing the house. I was a bit overwhelmed but felt it would pay off in the end. I couldn't have predicted a recession back when I was so excited about starting my own company and being a stay at home mom. The clients that I did have, the projects that were coming - slowly dwindled over time. My husband being a stock trader at the time- couldn't get things to work out either. So here we are with very little income and a new family to care for. Luckily we had been staying at my mother-in-laws home while she cared for her mother out of town. Prior to the recession - we had been doing her a favor but now that had come full circle and the living arrangements were a blessing to us.

So needless to say - the recent acts of kindness that I've received from Elizabeth, Kristina, Jodi, Anna and Nikki have not gone unappreciated. It has lightened my load. The worry of caring for my son in the way I feel he deserves - has been lessened just a bit. I can focus my energy on finding new clients and helping my husband re-create his career as well. This to me is what Pass It On Baby! is all about - what it was founded on. It is the framework for how we want to help others. I continue to "pass on" to others what was given to me. And the circle of love continues.

I know there are many other stories of moms and families in worse off situations than myself but thought sharing this would help others understand that we at Pass It On Baby! can relate. We understand that tough times happen. Charity doesn't have to come with an ashamed price tag. I can tell you it has not for me. It has been a blessing that I can repay through helping others. Feel free to share your similar stories of how someone may have helped you or you helped another.

In love and kindness,

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